Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MG Crossbone X-1 FullCloth WIP 3

this time.. the head unit.. it just not same as the chest.. it require a lot of parts.. not sure why.. but the mouth area seems like can open and look like it got some 'vampire' teeth with it.. it also got additional part for the mouth area but i'm just don't want to use it..

alright.. the headache part.. i saw Z's blog about the red line.. he rub and redo the lines few times just to make it nice.. luckily.. that remind me that i can use gundam marker to make the red line.. then use the gundam marker eraser to clean those part out of the line with tissue.. but it take some time for this gentle work too..

without the V-fin.. the V-fin for this kit is quite special.. even-though it small and the degree of the 'v' shape is little but after attach it.. it does look nice..almost forgot to make panel line here..

head unit.. complete..

to be continue..

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