Saturday, January 8, 2011

MG Zeta Plus C 1 WIP 2

almost a week i didn't update anything here.. been busy with study.. so here is it.. the second WIP on thi kit.. feels like everything going fast on this kit.. the next thing i'm going to paint is the weapon and the tail unit.. what do you think about the blue?..

some great experience with the flat white.. will share it soon..

stay tune..


Tom said...

I like the shade of the blue. Kinda bright, but not so dark.

Busterbeam said...

you did this quick! i like it! it looks great!

seven6398 said...

TOm: yeah.. i did the mistake on the blue paint mixture.. i thought it should be bright enough.. but it turn out the other way..

Busterbean: thx..i try to finish it before my final start..


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