Thursday, January 20, 2011

MG Zeta Plus C 1 Complete

first.. i would like to call this kit as a stubborn kit.. hard to transform man.. and as i force some of the part to move.. more scratches created.. alright.. let explain what have i done for it..

basically i didn't add anything like pla-plate or panel line this time.. even the decal also use at minimum level (had enough nightmare from the MG ZZ).. let see the paint list:

-mr.surfacer 1000 and 1200 ( both run out now)
-mr.color flat white
-mr.color cobalt blue (mix with flat white for both dark and light blue)
-mr.color black (mix with flat white to create dark grey-ish feel for the feets)
-mitsubishi 0.2 pigment ink pen ( i think i will call it this way for my future post for this usage)

believe it or not.. these are the only thing i need to complete this kit in my custom color scheme.. i didn't paint the frame or even fix the nub marks well.. so.. i don't have use a lot of different paint or else.. i might need another week to paint the inner frame and need at least one more color to use..

i'm not going to write much on this kit regarding on those pros and cons because i had mentioned it in the WIP 1.. i don't take much photos of this kit too.. reason.. not much detail i do on it.. and this kit can't pose much.. so no point for taking so many photo that have the same angle.. and too bad.. i make lot of scratches and didn't fix much of the nub marks on the inner frame.. less photos less mistake review.. haha.. so lets check the pics..

alright.. from the first photo.. the color tone of the legs look quite weird isn't it.. two tone.. i got some of the part re-paint.. that's why the legs got two white tone.. it is not the contrast or the lighting.. well.. this Mr.color flat white really works well but it do need few layer to make it perfect.. the white is even whiter than the Mr.color white or super white or gloss white.. and drawing panel line on the legs is REALLY PITA..

you can put the tactical cannon like the A1's shield..

well.. i like the back more than the front..
i think from this photo you can notice that some of the paint is actually smearing out.. that was due to the lack of skill in masking tape.. what a good lesson here.. next time i have to make sure all the masking tape is done properly before i paint.. never leave any gap or "bubble" at the edge..

like i said.. it can't post much..

i didn't even bother to post it with the melee weapon.. haha.. the clear light blue beam is very nice actually.. but i give up on posing it when i do the transformation. too many scratches..
i don't know what have i done here.. the transformation seems not as smooth as my A1 unit.. zzz..
that's why only two photos for the MA mode..
my previous A1.. it was spray by flat white too.. but not as white as the C1 unit (blue unit).. maybe it was the industry canned spray.. and the red color is cover by Mr.hobby clear flat coating ( that was my first time coating my kit)..
and this will be their new home.. damn.. i want my MG Astray like this too.. red and blue.. still working in the budget for the red one..

well.. lastly.. how much point i give on my work.. i will say barely around 60.. guess i give this point because i spend too less effort on it.. not like the C1 from playevolution and ebasenet a.k.a erix that is international modeler.. i must be dreaming to compare myself to them (sillyboy).. haha.. that's all and hope you guys enjoy..



ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

nice work! you are sure pretty productive :D

btw, im thinking on building a Z-type MG, just for fun, so out of these 2 Z Plus, which are the best? (do ignore the articulations, im pretty much sure i can pull out something to make it more articulated XD)

Tom said...

Man, I didn't like the transformation of the Zeta Plus A1. It was my first transforming MS. I like the wave rider mode though.

chrismandesign said...

man, when u mentioned the problem with posing, for the scratch in paint it causes, i just begin to think twice if i should paint (even slightly) my kits =///... i want’em to look nice, with a bit of realism, that’s all... but if i’m going to hav that kind of problems, well myb i must not bother myself with that... anyway i will know if it worths while when i do my first job (probably in a FG kit hehehe)... oh, this kit looks great with ur paint scheme Seven, better luck the next time with the scratches !!! =)

seven6398 said...

ZD: well.. i'm personally prefer the C1.. even though these two kits got not much different in terms of weapon but C1 do have more part like additional booster on the back.. and the long cannon really suit my preference..

Tom: after i doing the transformation for this kit.. well.. i don't like the zeta transformation at all for now.. gundam wings is much more easier.. haha..

Chris: well.. for the scratches.. it really can't be avoid much.. but it depend on the kit.. some kit is a lot easier to pose.. especially those new version like ver.2 or some seed/destiny MG..

anyways.. thx for the comment guys.. orewa ganbarimas..

Busterbeam said...

i think its very good! beautiful! i like the flat colours and colour choice.

seven6398 said...

busterbeam: thx.. the flat white really works out.. and when it mix with other color.. it make that color become flat too.. so. i can save on the flat coat.. haha..


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