Sunday, January 9, 2011

MG Zeta Plus C 1 WIP 3

a quick glance on painting result.. 80% satisfaction achieve.. i mean i'm really like the color that turn out into mat feel.. thanks to the flat white that i mix with the blue color.. where did 20% satisfaction gone? or maybe 19%?

first.. the first mistake that i learn here is about the masking tape.. must tape everything properly that without leaving any space for the paint got out of the line..

second mistake is the tone.. the light blue still to dark.. and some parts are not white enough which create two white tone.. i guess it will just more mistake i will make if i go to fast..

and the most annoying part is the soft part which come like rubber material.. after the painting process done.. if this part accidentally bend.. the paint on top will CRACK!!! got damn it.. i fix the right fun but now the left fin give the trouble.. stupid soft part.. have to do some touch up and adding marking and decal soon.. i'm still having the nightmares from the dry decal that can stick away the paint.. so.. i think i will get some water slide decal as soon as possible..

stay tune..


Tom said...

You should use the solid v-fin next time. =/

Other then that, it looks pretty nice. I'll admit, that's the color scheme that I had in mind for my Zeta Plus A1, but I decided not to paint it for various reason.

seven6398 said...

Tom: i just painted the solid one.. so why you're not going to paint your MG Zeta plus A1..

Tom said...

The orange grew on me. And I got impatient and did the decal words already... Not the mention the joints were freaking tight as hell. And I don't have paint. =/


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