Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mission: wishlist

 in the briefing room..

lieutenant: target appear to be transformable type mobile suit from different world.. it appear at 2010 and we are require to shoot it down..
Commander: the mission codename will be "wishlist".. 
 Tom: yes sir.. it will go down.. wishlist will go down..

pilot: wishlist down.. wishlist down..
 Ta Da!!!


Two wishlist shoot down this month as consider for January lootz.. now stuck on painting the MG Zeta plus c1.. i need cobalt blue paint.. only able to resume after Tuesday.. zzz

hope you enjoy the scene and see you in the next post..

all images are search from google and i have no intention to own it so don't sue me for posting those pics.. XD


LEon said...

Congrats! it is no way better to start a new year with pass goal being obtain!

seven6398 said...

Leon: yeah.. better clear up what it left before starting a new list.. hehe

Tom said...

It's a good thing the wishlist were still in their boxes. Can you imagine what would happen if the Wing and ReZEL were in their flight mode? xD

chrismandesign said...

man, u kick it hard !!! nice lots... & the style of this post is something i would never expect from u !!!... i really like it, great sense of humor XDDDD

seven6398 said...

Tom: i think rezel will just blow down by wing in one shot.. XD.. hopefully i got time to build both and make it in a fight mode.. haha..

seven6398 said...

chris: thx.. i got the idea when i think two wishlist down.. haha

Anonymous said...

Oh! The MG ReZEL is a really awesome kit. Congrats!

David John Shewsbury said...

Good luck with the rest of the wish list and project and happy new year 2011

Anonymous said...

It is gd that u can u can fufill ur wichlist

seven6398 said...

shidou: thanks..
shewbury: thanks.. same to you too..
gunpla4ever: yeah..


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