Saturday, January 22, 2011

Favorite as the title

first.. i'm not sure what should i use for the title.. having some terrible and uncomfortable feelings now.. but i just blow it up on facebook.. well i don't like to do that stuff in here cause this is my happy place.. i can't ruin it.. so.. now i can forget about it and talk something happy which related to my favorite as the title..

so.. anyone watch the new gundam series which have the beginning gundam.. the Gunpla builders beginning s G.. well.. i haven't watch it actually but found some short clip and make me create a new thought about the direction of this gundam series.. first.. just let me briefly introduce this gundam series anime.. it is about a kid that have start gunpla and enter some kind of gunpla stimulation battle which means a stimulation of the gundam cockpit will be built with a 360 degree view like those normal UC MS cockpit.. and the gundam or MS that used by the pilot will depend on the mod of the gunpla done by the gunpla modeler.. awesome huh.. wish that will happen in the real world right.. but this anime is trying to show the actual world with gunpla like keroro.. one of the best way to promote gunpla by using back anime series for Bandai.. but in keroro story.. main story is focus on keroro and gunpla will just being shown how to get it build but it is not the main focus.. but this anime series is completely different which means that it is actually can be happen in the real world.. whatever you build, mod, add-on and paint the gunpla will have direct effect of the shape, performance and weapon inside the gundam game which will use by the gunpla modeler which also the pilot of the gundam in that game..

my opinion of it is definitely outside the story.. well again.. brilliant work from Bandai to promote their product again.. but this time.. i think i found their objective of creating this new anime series.. what is it?.. instead of promoting that how easy to build a gunpla.. they are trying tell us how fun is building the gunpla.. how fun? here is the list:

-you can customize your own gunpla
-the gunpla that customize will direct effect the MS unit in the game in the anime.. normal boy will dream about it..
-everything that show inside is actually encouraging us to customize more on our gunpla with various way show in the anime.. ( well it actually make want to buy more gunpla)

so.. the objective of this creation? i think i had just list out some.. well.. i'm not trying to make any complain or negative comment here.. just my thought.. my freaking thought.. who is going to care right?.. haha.. sorry for the harshness.. russell peter come into my mind..

alright.. forget about that.. lets talk about some new thing.. i guess many of us know about the new coming item.. the new RG Aile Strike.. i was like wow.. surprise.. i never thought it will come to seed series MS so fast.. i am a Seed/Destiny fans if most of you don't know my history in gunpla.. i was thinking what happen it happen to be a freedom or strike freedom.. guess i in dream again.. well i going to actually..

and before i'm going to sleep.. i still have to finish this long post.. now the topic will change to my PG OO raiser.. yes i'm building it and it is more challenging than i thought as it is my first PG.. i will share that more but recently i found some great photo on OO gundam in FB which is the picture i'm going to show here.. Trans-arm color version.. awesome huh.. what do you think i do this in the my PG OO raiser?.. wuahaha.. it make me excited when i think of that but too bad i don't like the color from the trans-arm mode.. i like the original color better but the think that caught my eyes in this photo was the color use for the GN-Sword 2 and the GN drive.. but this really make feel like i want to gloss coat my Raiserrrrrr!!!..

alright.. the last thing i'm going to talk about.. it will be one of the most awesome thing in the world that is going to happen to me.. ok.. i'm not getting married yet.. but i',m going to be freaking busy next few month.. why? my boss now is a fan of Seed/Destiny too.. and he also interested on the OO series.. hahaha.. i am a bad carrier of this gunpla infection.. he had told me this long time ago and finally he want to make this execution which will done by me.. he ask to buy some (or complete if can) of the best gunpla for his favorite gundam series and asking me to build it for him..  the most important thing is he got deep pocket.. wuahahahahaha.. i'm suggesting some MG stuff to him as i think HG line will be too small for him.. well.. he want all look at least.. with some sufficient detailing.. so he ask me to do that.. i am god damn lucky and busy this time.. hahaha.. 

alright.. thats enough for now and i'm really need to rest my mind now.. that myhtbuster test is killing me (just some about my life)..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

that color, looks like multitone. very nice indeed

seven6398 said...

Zd: what you think about the color that use there?.. silver chrome base with clear red and blue on top?

Tom said...

LOL! You're making others joining the Gundam/Gunpla hobby. Just make sure that your boss doesn't come across any UC (universal century) fanboys.

And for his model kits, I suggest something easy for him to start on, like the Gundam OYW ver, or any form of the Strike Gundam.

seven6398 said...

Tom: i will be the one in trouble if he get in to UC.. because he plan to ask me build all for him rather than he build for himself.. although i try to recommend him some GFF series but i don't think he will like it.. haha..

chrismandesign said...

very talkative Seven =PPP r u okay ??? HAHAHAHA... good to hear that ur next project will b the raiser & yep it will b a lot of work (adding the kits from ur boss... BTW i prefer to receive kits from my bosses -if that were possible =/- rather than to assemble & paint’em...) i’m toooooooo lazy ZZZZZZZ

seven6398 said...

chris: well.. thats what i am and starting to show myself more in here.. haha..

yeah.. i started few process on that OO raiser.. it was tough.. toned of part for just the feet.. haha..

come on man.. you always paint your kit don't you.. let the motivation wipe off your laziness.. hehe..

Blacksun88 said...

RG aile strike gundam... good news indeed ^^

Anonymous said...

Watched the Beginning G, haven't watch the third part yet. Woah, you are lucky, hired to build Gunpla. Commission? XD

Gundam Gunso said...

I love e gunpla builders series too. Totally remind me of us as gunpla builders XD

seven6398 said...

FreedomWen: i try to find it on youtube and but can't find it.. any link can help?.. thx for that..

its not commission work actually.. just my boss asking me to help him out since he know i like gunpla so much.. so i take this opportunity to have large amount of kit and practice my skill..

gundam gunso: nice to meet you.. i get what you mean.. sometime i also dream we can do like what they do in the anime.. playing the gunpla game in such real way.. it will be awesome if it really happen..

Anonymous said...

I just simply search it on YouTube. Here is it, some not clear.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You live near Sungai Long? I from Mahkota Cheras leh.

seven6398 said...

freedomwen: thx for the link.. yeah.. i saw some of the picture from your blog of your home in mahkota cheras.. never thought we live so near to each other..

Anonymous said...

Welcome! Yeah! Haha!


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