Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New lootz

alright.. time to expand the thrones' collection.. saw some great deal from Graffiti Toys.. and RM 100 for three second hand throne units.. Throne Eins, Throne Zwei and Archee Gundam.. it was formerly own by a amateur modeler.. the seller told me that he want to paint it but it seems he don't have enough experience on it.. so.. things get pretty mess up especially the Throne Zwei.. i'm not sure what type of paint he use but it seems he either use hand brush or gundam marker with direct paint to the large surface.. the Throne Eins is not that bad.. and the Archee gundam was safe from the disaster but he still selling it.. and i am the adopter for this three orphans now.. haha

sexy back..
Astray painting process done for Astray unit but not for the flight pack yet..

so.. stay tune..


Moe Moe said...

Hahaha I love it when I find some built 1/144 00 kits for cheap too! Nice catch tho. Now you can probably try on a Black Zwei

Khaidir said...

*3* .. i want that MG AStray Red FRAME ><"""""""""

Gundam Gunso said...

Nice... Adopting 3 'kids' there... hehe..XD

seven6398 said...

Moe Moe: yeah.. i've been looking for zwei long time ago.. and finally i get it.. although its not new..

Khaidir: its not MG yet bro.. haha.. that is the NG 1/100.. i haven't build the MG version

Gundam Gunso: hehe..


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