Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some Updates

Last post for this month. 

Some update on current project, most of the main part done. 

What left?

-Hyper Mega Launcher
-Chest and Waist armor
-Side skirt
-Some other missile pod

Once all that complete, the first part for the review should be complete. I was thinking of having three parts for the review but it might be too short for each part. So, have to delay the first part of the review which I need to complete the entire kit first. I need at least a week to complete the pre-assemble process usually but now, I able to reach this assemble process for just 3 days (not include un-boxing but still hanging around with HK Drama). I think it should be the time for me to increase the speed of assemble process so I can complete and customize at least one kit per-month. Hopefully I can bring this to the November BAKUC Malaysia but I'm still not sure when is the exact date. Anyone from Malaysia can tell me?


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

-registration before 10/11/2011
-showing from 8-23/11/2011
-venue SG WANG
-prize presentation 20/11/2011
-7 categories(open、junior、new challenger、HG、WING、coloring、creative & mod)

seven6398 said...

ZD: thx man.. i'm going to get the form today.. haha


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