Monday, August 29, 2011

GK Collaboration in Seven6398

Last month, I had added GK (gundam kit) banner in my site. GK was a online hobby shop located in Hong Kong which is the sister company of Ishop2go. Remember that I wrote that there will some transformation going on for Seven6398, it is not the transformation of layout but it is the structure or the profile of Seven6398.

Starting from September 2011, will become GK new official site for reviewing gundam model kit. MG FAZZ was the first gundam model kit that Seven6398 review for GK. I'm very thankful to GK for giving me this opportunity to me for cooperating with each other.
What is this collaboration about?

Basically, Seven6398 will help to review one gundam model kit per-month for GK. On top of that, Seven6398 or me will also help to share news and new plamo product in the future through here, facebook and other related blog.
How about the operation in will still in normal operation but there will be more sidebar added to link with GK and Ishop2go. Gunpla customization will be remained. Actually, will not change much but will have additional shopping link, review kit and maybe some event soon. 

Is a online shop for gunpla?

No, but there will be link for you to purchase gunpla directly from GK or Ishop2go.

In near future, Seven6398 will also review some other modeller tools or resin kit but it still on planning. So, stay tune for this. I'm preparing for some exciting stuff here.

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