Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gunpla + Tools + Photography = Blog post or 3 in one hobby

I attend a product training few days ago and also saw some great modeler in the internet with well prepare tools.. and of course.. some awesome works.. and all these made me realize want thing which i'm going to share it in this post.. it also remind me there are lot of thing i need to add to this hobby..

you might found that my photography style change a bit in terms of lighting recently.. the MG Rezel custom was my first try for the new lighting set up.. compare to the latest work.. MC Hi-nu Gundoom.. yes.. i'm agree that the lighting set up in the pictures for MG Rezel Custom were too dark.. so.. the first thing i need to add in my hobby is more lighting set up equipment for better lighting.. i often heard about light box.. i guess that is one of the great where i also can build it myself.. and found a lot of lighting tools.. i mean cheap LED light and also torch light which can provide different types of lighting.. 

of course.. after the lighting set up.. the next important thing is the camera.. guess what.. the MG Rezel custom was capture using Canon EOS 500D with kit lens.. and the MC Hi-nu Gundoom was captured by... my four.. i think five years old Canon IXUS 55.. i'm not comparing or saying which one better.. just that.. with good lighting set up.. and right setting in the camera.. both camera also can produce good pictures.. actually.. the photography should be the last topic in this post because what ever it is.. build the gunpla first.. 

Move on to the tools.. before talking about gunpla stuff.. well.. here i'm going to talk about another hobby.. painting and customizing.. don't get it.. wrong.. collecting gunpla and customizing gunpla is two different hobby.. sand, scribe, cut, paint, bla bla bla.. depend on which what you can do now.. matter of precision, patience and again.. bla bla bla.. 



like all other job.. you need a right tools to get a right job.. as i said.. i found some great site with great work and.. workplace and tools.. its link is in my bloglist now.. look at it.. a nice case to store all the tools.. i need that kind of set up for my painting too.. i mean the second last picture.. and everything look tidy.. i think the word "tidy" is like a curse to most of the gunpla modelers which whenever they start a project.. everything on the table will mess up.. are you one of them?.. for me.. yes.. 

next thing.. GUNPLA!!!.. what should i write here.. choose the right gunpla?.. no way.. i choose gunpla base on what i like.. gunpla attribute?.. another "no way".. basically.. OOB or Straight build.. well.. just understand as much as you can about the kit.. it give the inspiration of.. how to modified it.. paint it.. pose it.. and capture some shots of it.. such as

 or this.. for customization.. or
and this.. for posing.. 

or what to collect next.. 

as i said.. customizing and collecting are two different hobby.. in gunpla.. it also contain what is the collection is.. 

so.. how long do you update your gunpla chat?.. regarding on the three topics i discuss here..

some pictures are from Z and mechdesign ..


Gundam Gunso said...

Definitely blogging dies raise the interest in photography. Deciding on the angles of the lens, the types of poses, really gives enjoyment to the blogger. XD

Khaidir said...

i really wish i had an Airbrush and a COmpressor D:

chrismandesign said...

i’m not specifically on gunpla, though i collect some gundams & probably next year will begin to put some paint here & there... but something that is pretty clear for me is: if u want others to understand that ur hobby makes sense & is something serious, then u must show how good it is with some good pics... for me is a bit disappointing when someone has some great collection figures but show them in the most poor way... a good photography is a must & i try to b consistent with that =)

mrSeven6398 said...

gundam gunso: its like the link in between gunpla and internet.. haha

Khaidir: what are waiting for.. click on my sponsor to get what you want .. haha..

Chris: totally agree.. i remember i saw one of the great modeler job.. but the picture quality took away the gunpla job quality.. haha..


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