Sunday, October 2, 2011

New review items and FAZZ updates

Its good to be back. Had been busy with assignments again and still got one more to go before exam. Its killing me but I'm tough ,XD. 

So, here are the new review item that will post in this month October.

-RG Aile Strike
-Action base 3
-Electrical base or display stand ( no more manual turn base, XD)

Since i'm have exam coming soon this month, I just can't review some heavy load kit (eg. MG) or something complicated (but i still prefer something complicated like this RG). The Action base is something extra which is very flexible, i can't wait to play with it with my HG kit and that electrical turning base, something i wish to have to long time ago.

And this, the FAZZ is almost done. Most of the scribing and applying M.S.G part are done. Next thing is sanding, priming and painting.

Another busy week coming soon, hope i can wrap everything up before my exam.

And for the items i show above, you can refer to the link if you wan to get it:


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