Monday, February 13, 2012

MG Destiny EBM review part 3 (Articulation, proportion, recomendation)

Alright, this should be the last post for my boss's unit. After this, i will start working on my own unit which is going to re-paint entire kit. Since this unit doesn't own by me, i only capture the photo of it without decal because i afraid while i posting it, i might damage some of the decal (maybe i will capture some photo of the complete straight build unit with complete decal and markings on the completion of the re-painted unit post).

For part 3 of this review, i will start with the articulation of this kit. Since this kit was release few years after the launch MG ver.2 (better articulation with better inner frame design) for many UC series gundam, the inner frame, joint and movement were top notch for this kit. Although the are some obstacle for the wing unit but other parts like legs, arms, torso and neck joints were all work very well. The arms can reach every weapons (there are some difficulty for the arms to reach the Double Edge 2 (beam boorang)) without any problems. Dynamic poses can be easily created from this kit with its extreme well design joints for the pegs, torso and shoulders. Some of you might think because i am Seed/Destiny fans but all i can say is, i have been not building Seed/Destiny MG for sometime. The last Seed/Destiny MG kit that i build (straight build) should be the MG Sword Impulse which was almost one and the half year ago. During this time, i have build some great articulation kit from MG Exia, MG wing and MG Sinanju till some bulk almost not moveable gunpla kit like MG ZZ and MG FAZZ. I still feel this MG Destiny is one of the best articulation gunpla kit.

The proportion design for the kit also contribute a lot for this kit to create dynamic poses. I do mentioned that i prefer on the NG 1/100 proportion over this MG version but recently, i realize why are the legs was design this way (too thin). If you check out the dynamic pose of this kit from the boxart, you can actually notice that the legs is slim ( stretch) all the way down. Although this can be done by using ultra-wide angle (around 16mm with close distance focus) lens but how many people can afford such lens and how many people actually realize and know how camera can help to stretch the proportion of the kit to look more dynamic in different poses. So, my conclusion regarding on the proportion design from this kit isn't having the legs too tall or the arms are too big but it was made to look good in different poses. If you know how to pose and get the best angle for the shots, even the normal standing post (with long and thin legs) will look very good. 

Before start viewing the pictures, suggestion or recommendation for this kit customization. Of course you can't miss the reference from his MG Format Destiny conversion from Keita for those detail and the recent work i found for M.A.C forum, LotD's Destiny Evolve . These are some of the superb version MG Destiny out there. From my own recommendation, if going for original concept mod should be adding excessive detail to create some sort of "detail evolve" version since there are still lot of place where adding more panel line, armor cutting to expose more inner and PG detail painting style on the inner frame. Check out the Keita's Strike Freedom detail evolve version if want to know more on the concept of the adding detail modifications. As for other concept such as adding armors, change or add more weapon like what LotD did on his modification i can't find much example to show. 
So, enough for the words and lets check out the poses. I using some of the extra clear part from the EBM version as well.

Pictures for showing basic articulations.

I suppose to mention something related on the wing attachment in this post but i will leave that on the next part of the review which will also include some photo angle, poses and lighting. My modification concept on this kit will be simple (as what i mentioned in previous post) keep it clean and follow by my own modification recommendation, add more detail ( i need to try my best on this). Next post?.. haven't decide yet.. but.. coming soon.. stay tune..

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