Sunday, February 5, 2012

MG Destiny EBM Review Part 1 (My boss first lootz)

Remember i told you guys about my boss was poison by Seed and Destiny series, these are the kits that he bought and ask me to build for him. Total of 9 MG which include the MG destiny EBM (Extreme Blast mode) in this review. He asked me to recommend what are the best kit to collect from Seed and Destiny and OO series, i recommend him about MG kit and he said he want to buy the entire MG series of it ( he almost did it). So, i brought him to some local gunpla shop and pick all MG series kit according to the series he bought and he was a bit shock there are so many MG Seed and Destiny gunpla. The best part is when i told him that there are more MG coming out for Seed series and his expression like... "er". I think that's what make him not going for the whole MG series from Seed and Destiny and OO in one time and only pick those most famous MS in those series. And the gunpla kit he bought were: 
-MG Strike Freedom
-MG Infinite Justice
-MG Destiny EBM
-MG Force Impulse
-MG Sword Impulse
-MG Astray Red Frame Kai
-MG OO Raiser
-MG OO Seven Sword
-NG 1/100 Akatsuki full set

The bill was RM 1789, it was the craziest loots i ever see. Well, as for now will be the best time for me to re-sharp my skill from basic which build snap and fit project for all these gunplas. The only request from my boss is snap and fit all these gunpla with the provided dry transfer decal and markings (i will be dead if he ask me to paint all of these and he also know that it take lot of time for me to complete it if he ask me to paint all of them because i need to do review for other people as well). 
Since i own most of the gunpla kit listed above (except MG OO Seven Sword and MG OO Raizer and most of mine are straight build version), i will paint my gunpla kit too since i can re-learn the everything from these gunpla while i build for my boss. It means two same gunpla kit start at the same time which one will be straight build for my boss and the other one will be fully painted (might add details) for myself (Feels like the professional style, haha, unfortunately i'm not in that level yet T_T).

So, after seeing all the gunpla kit that my boss bought, the first gunpla kit that i will build for him will be the MG Destiny EBM (Extreme Blast Mode). I ask him to get this version because it come with lot of extra part which is very useful for display but not just those silver chrome part. It feel incomplete if destiny doesn't come with wing of light. As for MG Strike Freedom, i actually ask my boss to buy the normal version instead of the full burst version ( i will explain this when i build it for him later). What's the different in between the normal version and the EBM version, silver chrome runners which contain most of the exposed joint complete building the gunpla kit, gold color dry transfer decal and marking instead of the normal dark grey color decal, additional clear color part for some effects from the palms, additional 2 x 1/x size figure (Shin Asuka and Kira Yamato) and pair of Wing of light (the most important one). 

Runner "K" will be come in silver chrome color which is special for MG Destiny EBM version.

These are the additional clear parts i'm talking about.
One good thing about MG Gunpla kit from Seed series is a lot of them come with stand. There are 16 runners including in this kit which include one PC runner and runner for the stand.

I remember that someone pointed out on the wrong spelling in the manual, the word "Akatuki" was printed in the manual which the correct one should be "Akatsukit" (the "s" is missing)

While my boss MG Destiny already come with its own dry transfer decal, i have to get my own water decal since most of the dry transfer decal for my own MG Destiny EBM applied when i build it long time ago.

So these are the introduction of this kit which is the part one of the review. I will cover up the building process in part 2 of the review with discussion on detail and some special part that this kit have. Articulation and proportion will come in part 3.

So stay tune.


Khaidir said...

Nice loots there ;D i've not build anything in Ages though xD also love the new blog Look :D

seven6398 said...

Khaidir: thanks.. you must have get into transformer a lot lately..


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