Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project MG Destiny EBM AIF Detail Evolve version.. Start toh..

I know the title "Detail Evolve" is a bit too heavy (promising) for me to use. Well i should said this two words belong to Master Keita in my dictionary but i'm going to get some idea from his project (using his concept) and try to apply into this kit. Of course, it won't end up as good as he does but hopefully i can get some basics similar to it. From this project, i starting to re-evaluate my skill and what i found out is " i can say my skill in pla-plate and panel line design still in phase one". I still not good in using overlapping pla-plate, different surface panel line combination, pin-hole position as well as color separation. I guess i really need to improve these skill in the coming project before i start playing with putty, resin or re-casting parts which i think most professional modeler do ( and i always limit with supplies). While i still improving this stuff, i saw some of the pro-modeler are moving or starting on painting tiny figure recently which made me think "there is always some place to grow in modelling". 

So, back to the concept i use for this kit, i do some study from other MG or MG conversion Destiny before and since this kit had been release for quite some time, there are lot of customization sample or reference for me. The thing that notice is the method or the concept of customizing kit this kit or the overall gunpla have been growing in both "following the original concept" or "fully customize on modeller's concept" Many things come into my mind when i want to write about this and i think i should write this in another post). My choice for deciding the concept of this kit will be follow the original concept which use the original color scheme, remain its own image and add some customization which study from Master Keita's MG Strike Freedom "the details that evolve" version. Since i'm lack of tools and supplies, zero knowledge on putty, most of the works i did on this kit are adding pla-plate, panel line and "some minor" armor trimming. I used to think that "Detail Evolve" concept was armor trimming and try to expose the inner frame as much as possible but i think there should be lot of definition on it and it depend on what the modeller want. So, lets check out the photos for more elaboration.

The head unit is pretty simple, add some plastic piece (not pla-plate) which is similar to pla-plate but the material is a bit different and cheaper.

Instead of trimming the armor on the shoulders, i decided to build the detail as the inner frame and expose it on the shoulders since original shoulders have no inner frame.
Back of the shoulders, the pla-plate design added into here is a bit different from the front because i need this to cover some mistake that i did on the panel line.
The chest unit is pretty simple too because there are not much empty surface for me to add on detail and pla-plate.

The arms unit are similar to the shoulders, i put some pla-plate on it and will be paint with the color use for inner frame which will make it looks like exposing the inner frame. I try not to do armor trimming here because i don't have the modeller saw and the tools i have can't perform well.

Ok, this is something new from me. Detailing the back of the waist armor.

And these are the result. Not much MG kit need this now especially the newer version MG which have the inner part for the waist armor plate.
On the legs will have most of the armor trimming. I always found difficulties on customizing the legs of the gunpla. This is the place where i can put most of the work here but this the place that always make me struggle to think what to do.

At last, this is what i do. I still not satisfy with it. I might add more thing to it.

So, the customization parts for the main body are complete and the next thing i need to focus on will be the back pack. My mind is still empty on this. 

There are still lot of thing to do for this kit such as cleaning and clearing nub marks and pla-plate. The detail up for the back pack will be update in this post soon and for the current moment, its time for drama!!!. 

On the coming post, i think i want to write on this, "trend on gunpla customization". 


Masta-Killa said...

simple yet nice pla-plates design there brader..keep it up posted.add oil!

Looking forward for your upcoming post "trend on gunpla customization"

seven6398 said...

teh dreaft is complete.. building the link and choosing the right pictures.. should be done soon.. stay tune..

chubbybots said...

Nice pla plating for a start! There is also another type of mod you can consider called armor trimming

Looking forward to your updates ^^


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