Friday, February 10, 2012 2012 New Begining officially launch (with 2011 summary)

Last year, i mentioned that i'm going to do some renovation to this blog (i forgot last year or this year in January). Well, the renovation is finally complete. For those who have follow my blog, you will the changes i made in this blog for past few weeks.At first, i thought of making it like a upgraded version and name it as ver.2 but since i'm not good with HTML code and don't know where to find some interesting and sophisticated gadgets add into sidebar, i guess i will just name it as "The New Beginning" because i just change the look, size of some sidebar item, re-organizing and added some links. The reason i use the theme call "The new beginning" is because this year i will focus on improving the basic of my gunpla skill, creating some extremely clean gunpla kit (still with some minor modification) which will take lot of time which i mean i might not able to create lot of gunpla kit this year (patience needed for a clean gunpla kit). So, the Seven6398 is finally back from the space and floating in the sky of "Earthhhhheerdd".... (i mean the background). Here are some new thing in the blog:

First, re-design the new header with the pictures of my previous work and the size that fit the entire page.

Re-sizing the main content as well but i still don't know how to add two or 3 pictures in one row. My main sponsor list has been deleted and replace with full product range from my main sponsors which is iShop2go and GKgundamkit. So, if you want search and purchase gunpla kit as well as gunpla accessory, you can directly reach the page by clicking into the side bar. And....
remember to check out the sales item too. It should be updated on monthly basis but for the current moment, this page are updating some new promotion item and there will be lesser promotion item for this month. Don't worry, more will come soon. 
I just finish this few days ago, "projects". It will direct you to the link or page of the current projects and latest completion. The last pictures will be the coming projects.
I might fail for some of you by putting your blog and website link at the bottom of my website. I just want to keep everything tidy and i can keep track on other blog easily and this is why i have all of them here.
Last part of the renovation will be the pages link. Since last year, i have re-organize all my gunpla kits' link in pages but now i have increase the size of the picture with added description under the pictures. Some of the old straight build gunpla kit or some extreme poorly made gunpla kit by me has been remove ( i will add in after i remake them).

Summary for 2011

I try a lot of crazy things last year such as build my first PG and RG, make diorama, almost fully added pla-plate to gunpla kit, kit-bashing gunpla kit and complete some China made model kit (MC-Hi nu). Lots of failure, correction, critics and comments from you guys (really thanks for that because it really make me improve more). So, here are the links of the gunpla kits i made last year, check it out:

HGUC Unicorn Custom

HGUC Stark Jegan Custom

NG 1/100 Astray with Custom Flight pack

RG Aile Strike

NG 1/100 Dynames custom

MG Rezel

MG Wing

MG Zeta Plus C1


PG OO Raizer

MC Hi-Nu

So, these are what i made last year 2011, 2 x HGUC 1/144, 1 x RG 1.144, 2 x NG 1/100, 4 x MG 1/100, 1 x PG 1/60 and 1 x MC 1/144 series and total is 11 unit. Lets see how much i can build this year ( i have complete two unit which is the MG 1/100 Hyakushiki and SRG 1/144 Alteisen).

Next post.... MG 1/100 Destiny review part 3. Stay tune........

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