Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The.. Big.. Red.. One.. is here!!!

It took so long for it to complete its journey from Japan to Hong Kong and finally reach Malaysia, haha. I was waiting at my home for two days when i know it reach Malaysia and i was crazy whenever i heard van or truck engine pass my house but at last, i was not at home when it arrive (damn). So, this will consider as this month's loots. I really can't wait to build it.
And this is the new line that i'm going to review, the SD Gundam Action Figure. Something new for me as i never purchase or review any figure before. Lets see what it got on my coming post.

Stay tune.. hahaha..


chrismandesign said...

HEY !!! new winds are blowing in your blog and your collection takes new paths... i think that’s great man!!!... =) i’m pretty jealous that you got your own MG Sazabi which is an awesome mecha (i wish i could get at least the HG version =()... congrats Seven !!! =)

seven6398 said...

Chris: Thx.. new winds?.. haha.. the Zeon or Char winds maybe.. haha.. the HGUC version have proportion i think.. i also wish to have one too..


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