Monday, March 5, 2012

MG Infinite Justice Review part 1 ( with a little bit of update)

While my study completed and waiting for the convocation, i still trap in something which made me quite busy for these few weeks. The reason is all about money and time, i got a lot of time to do anything i want now but the problem is everything need money which i running out of it. Therefore, i might spend more with more time i have and the best way to cut of spending and use those free time wisely will be, working or look for a full time job. I went for few interviews last week and almost every day, there is a new interview coming in since i can apply it from the Jobstreet easily. My schedule was a mess. Some of the interview success and some of it still pending means fail. My mom told me one thing, be patient and wait for the most suitable one when i told her why not i simply pick one of the job and spend my free time to get money while looking for other job. She said i won't quit the job that i simply choose once i'm in it (due to many "predicted" reason), and the best part is, "isn't you have lot of gunpla (from my boss) in the room and why not you build all of it while you're free", i was like "am i dreaming?"

So, that's all for the my updates and back to the next review item, the MG Infinite Justice. If you build a MG Destiny, you should build a MG Infinite Justice too (So you can have it fight each other). This kit was release around 2008 or 09, i can't remember but all i remember is i bought it around RM 165 that time and now it cost about RM 175 to RM185 in most of the local hobby shop (since Yen has increase a lot recently). Well, i think i don't to put out the introduction of this gundam since it's partner Strike Freedom gundam was so famous no matter how much you like it or hate it. What i want to share in this part one will be the design of the gundam itself. So, let me start of with the concept of this gundam. It was design to be melee and medium distance combat mobile suit compare to Strike Freedom which have a lot of beam rifle. Improve from the old Justice gundam, this thing have more beam now and the Fatum 1 (the backpack which is a detachable flying unit) look more aero-dynamic. I mean if any gundam think of fighting it in a close combat, it's kick equip with beam while the right hand holding 2 x Super Lacerta (beam saber) combine together and the left hand equip with shield plus the beam boomerang  which can use as beam blade when it attach on the shield. The wing of the Fatum 1 equip with beam as well and when the enemy try to run away from it, it still can fire the enemy without using it beam rifle by its beam cannon mounted on Fatum 1. The best opponent that i think of, Exia but most of the blade that Setsuna like to throw on it will deflect by Griffon (the knee blade or beam) and block from the shield (haha). 
A very dynamic pose in the box art and it should a scene that it fight with Destiny gundam while the Legend gundam was looking on it and ready to provide some support to Destiny gundam.

From the box art to the completed product, the first complain that i have from this kit is the pink color. I prefer it darker and might look a bit glossy so it can look like what we have from the box art.
Since it release around the time frame of other MG Seed Destiny release such as MG Strike Freedom, MG Destiny and MG Impulse, most of the parts looks very similar to others. This means the extra part from either one of these can use as a spare part for another kit.
Good thing about the runners is almost 95%  of the part are molded separately and only minimal stickers require.

It come with 17 runners and if i'm not wrong, there are not extra part left when it complete (except the PC runners). 

Well, i don't have any concept or plan on how to customize this thing yet. I saw most of the people who own this kit will only re-paint it and there are lot of great color scheme references to follow. The only customized MG Infinite Justice is the DC23 graveyard version. I saw some people are doing some minor detailing and re-shape with OC style in some forum. If you have any link related to customized MG Infinite Justice, please share. 

Coming post, back to MG Destiny Detail Evolve AIF version updates. Stay tune

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