Monday, March 12, 2012

MG Infinite Justice Review part 3 (proportion and articulations)

Some of you might complain the pictures are too dark, some of you might say the shadow might too strong and some said the color is nonsense (haha, Jeremy's style). I actually trying out to get a total dark back ground while controlling the flash only hit the subject and i guess it not work well but i think i found the solution. Sorry if the picture look a bit dark. 

Other than the picture, this proportion and articulation will be the main topic in this review for this kit. Anyone of you own the NG 1/100 Infinitite Justice before? well i have one and i have lot of complain about it even this MG version was not release yet. So, on the proportion section i will mainly focus on the comparison with the NG 1/100 version. First, the head unit finally become a normal scale compare to the NG version which had the head unit too small to fit for the entire kit. Most of the weapons such as beam rifle and shield were look sleeker and sharper (even the beam for the boomerang). The legs are not too long which i saw some people complain about it on the MG Strike Freedom and MG Impulse. The only complain that i had on this kit will be the beam cannon from the Fatum 1, i wish it can be slightly longer (will i do something on it? no, it too small and i don't think i can handle it yet).

So, on the articulation for this kit, fantastic. If you check the part 2 of this kit review which i show those joint, you will know how good this kit can pose. The most important thing is those skirt armors are not blocking the legs for posing. On top of that, the armors from the legs and arms were not the issues for posing. With the back stay vertical way on ground pose, it won't have any weight issues but i'm good in ground posing so i didn't make any. There are some for the ground pose although everything look perfect, the backpack might obstruct the kit for making the kneeling pose. Other than that, no complain.

This is what i complain about ( if it longer, haha).

Well, that's all for my review on this kit, I'm not going to touch or re-build mine like what i did on my MG Destiny now because i still the MG Sazabi catching up and the first part of the review for MG Sazabi is coming soon. So, stay tune and check the last picture for the final work on this kit for my boss.

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