Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Re-supply (pain in my wallet)

Re-supply, phase one complete. Actually, these are just part of the supply and there are more coming soon. If you see what item i bought in the first picture, you should know what i'm going to do next. These are the paint that i'm going to use for my MG Destiny, hope it will turn out as what i want. As for the Koto Joint, bought it for the MG Sazabi modification. As for those brush, no plan for it yet (might learn some hand painting soon).

Metallic black (my favorite), silver chrome and gold for the inner frame, metallic red ( i don't want it but it work away too good with other red), flat white just to make sure everything really white, cobalt blue is a need and metallic blue is my favorite again.
I'm not sure how much it can help, i was planning to use epoxy putty to re-cast the joint but the seller told me why not use Koto Joint only remind me that kotobukiya has come out with impressive solution to solve articulation problem.
Good thing is the local shop( i bought these stuff from two different shops) just re-adjust the price for the paint tool since Japanese yen drop a lot recently but everything here still cost me almost RM 100 and i still haven't get surfacer, cutting mat and epoxy putty. Damn. My order on MG strike freedom coming soon, i'm really broke this time........

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