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MG Infinite Justice Review part 2 (detail, assemble process and structure)

I almost forget to make this post and post the third part of the review. I was thinking where are all the pictures that i want to talk about? So, here it is. In this part, i'm going to focus on three things which are the details, assemble process and the structure. 

So, first we had the details. I'm sure most of you had heard about this kit and some of you even own one of it. If you prefer to detail up (i mean painting) the inner frame of MG kit, this kit will be my suggestion. It come with lot of detail not only on the inner frame but those hidden area for thruster as well (the backpack). I actually took some photos of the inner frame before i assemble everything (just scroll down). 

As for the assemble process, it's pretty straight forward. Although it come with lot of tiny part because most of the part are molded separately and the joints are just incredible. From the assemble process, it show it almost perfect to make any dynamic pose (all you need is a close up wide angle lens). Due to most of the parts are molded separately, there are only few foil stickers come with this kit and mostly are use as the censor in the head unit. 

In terms of the structure, the thing that i want to point out is this MG Seed/Destiny series are design more focus on the inner frame. The inner frame can stand alone independently without much supportive part from the outer armor to hold everything together. On top of that, most of the armors are easily detach from the inner frame. I remember i took some photo with some of the armors off from the inner frame with mechanical chain base. Other than the design, most of the main joints for this kit are very sturdy. What i means is those joint that connect legs, arms, head unit and backpack. I feel the sturdiness of those joints are even stronger that the parts to build the joint itself (so, be careful when it come to pose to prevent those part break). Good thing is those joint can last for long period but posing the kit might be a bit difficult. While the main joints looking good, other joint or clip for weapons or accessory are not that good especially the shield. Hope the paint can help by thickening those part. There are lot of people complain about the clip on the palm are useless but for me, i think it works pretty well (better than old type MG series such as MG strike, MG wing ver.ka, etc...).

Can you see the hidden hydraulic pump?

These is the joint that i look into when it comes to shoulder joint. Flexible yet it can make the shoulders pose in "V" shape to make the kit look dynamic in pose. Another thing is this join can be entirely separate from the main body without disassemble the inner frame of the main body.

The face plate are molded together with the head twin ciws (vulcan).

Another hidden hydraulic pump.

So, if you want to remove those armor to reveal the inner frame, all you need to do is remove the main shoulder joint and palm unit. This is what i want to say earlier.

Unlike MG Strike Freedom, the shoulders unit for this kit is very simple.

Armor sliding effect and even after put on those armors, the legs can still bend very well.
Check out the detail on the inner frame.

The backpack unit took most of the part compare to legs, arms or main body.

You still can find some detail on the backpack unit although it doesn't have any inner frame within it.
And i like the way they design the thruster too ( look like an jet engine to me).

The backpack does come with some gimmick as well such as sliding wing when it expand and sliding cannon.
One of the great thing for the beam rifle is most of the parts also molded separately. You don't have to worry for painting the red ring from the NG version anymore.
And the clear color part can be easily remove.

I'm not sure why there is an sliding mechanism here. Shotgun beam rifle? i don't think so, haha.

Although this shield look smaller from it predecessor but it come with more functions than the old one. First, the beam boomerang was transfer from shoulders into shield which it also can use as beam blade when it attach on the shield. Instead of solid shield, it become energy charge shield. It also come the hook which i never saw it use in the anime (maybe i miss it).
But you need additional part to put on the hook in action.
The beam boomerang
Beam sabers.
There are certain part needed to be swap in order to combine both beam saber together (which they call it lance?) and look like the picture show below.

Well, that's all for the part two. I actually complete it with decal, markings and panel line which posted in facebook already but the part 3 which cover articulation and proportion was created before the complete form because i don't want to spoil those decal and markings while posing it (since this is not mine). Stay tune....

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