Friday, December 31, 2010

MG Zeta Plus C 1 (references)

alright.. before the painting process begin.. should check out some finish work done by others as reference.. preventing mistake.. i had been searching google for this kit in blue version.. well.. lot of crap coming out.. so luckily i have my own link in my blog that able to provide me sufficient information about the paint and  i got some unexpected source.. i mean info..

alright.. from the first post of this kit.. i was mentioning about the proportion of this kit.. well.. you can refer to this image which is a G.F.F version of Zeta plus C1 blue color.. i remember it was review by Z .. so i took this photo from his blog.. to show it.. my entire project is actually more on following this actually until i found..
TA DA!!!.. MG Zeta Plus C1 painted according to the G.F.F version if i'm not wrong.. i took this from playevolution .. awesome job.. so.. with the real finish project.. i think i got enough information to re-create my own version.. i didn't realize he actually done this kit when i was reading his blog regarding on his current project which was the black version MG Sinanju from him.. then i saw his header was display with this MG Zeta Plus C1 with blue color scheme.. so i check it out and found this is one hell of the great work..

with the comparison photo of the original kit and the custom paint job from playevolution and .. i can see how much different for the custom paint job and how cool it is..

i got some surprise on the next post.. good news for me.. 

stay tune..

erm.. i forgot to wish you all.. Happy New Year..


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the link to my blog! I've also added you to my blogroll. Have fun with your Zeta plus build and Happy New Year!

Q said...

You're planning to do the blue-white scheme! Along with the long smart beam rifle, it's one of my sister's favourite Gundam in terms of the looks~ I really do look forward to see how you will work on this project! ^^

seven6398 said...

playevolution: No problem.. i will and thanks..

Q: haha.. your sister again.. how is she now?.. still in gunpla-ing?.. i will try my best..

chrismandesign said...

yep Seven, the white & blue colour scheme is really nice & makes him look more like one of the Zeta family, i must say... =O

seven6398 said...

chris: i just want to reply you on the previous post.. never thought you post the comment here so fast.. the MG RX-78 ver.ka is one nice version.. quite similar to the 1.5 ova version and i saw both version painted in real color before( the dark color scheme version).. nice.. about the articulation of that version.. i'm not sure about it..

yeah.. Zeta family.. especially the white color..

Tom said...

Good luck with this project. And Happy New Year to you man.

Q said...

@ seven6398:
I mentioned my sister in your blog before? She didn't do the gunpla-ing; I had to build the gunpla for her ^^; orz

She's now a very busy person, and she hasn't got time to finish watching 2nd season of Gundam 00 yet!

seven6398 said...

Q: yeah.. regarding on her favorite strike IwSP if i'm not wrong.. haha.. must be watching lot of love drama series..


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