Monday, January 30, 2012

SRG 1/144 Alteisen Complete

So, the end result of the project SRG 1/144 Alteisein reboot is finally here. It can be said as my first completed kotobukiya kit.

Since this is the first kotobukiya kit, there are lot of thing for me to test and check whether how should i modified the kit. I'm using some simple concept as usual such as adding pla-plate, scribing panel line and re-paint the entire kit. One of the techniques that i test on this kit is adding "metal pin" by using normal paper clip into the kit (you may find it on the legs and shoulder) through some drilling process. Another modification was done on the waist which i cut off the lower torso from the waist unit and add a joint in between it so it can have turn-able waist. Since it is the first time on adding "metal pin" and adding joint for the waist, it can be said as a test and i didn't take any photo on it as WIP because i don't know will it work out or not. Before we go into the next paragraph, here is the check list for paint:

-Mr.Surfacer 1000 as the base (prime)
-White (Mr.Color White)
-Red (Mr.Color red combine with Mr.Color Metallic red)
-Black (Mr.Color Black)
-Gold (Mr.Color Gold)
-Panel line (Enamel wash from Tamiya dark blue) and (the Mitsubishi 0.1 pen)

The painting process for this kit is quite simple since the original color scheme of this kit is not that complicated. Most of the part are separately and only minimal masking require legs left arm's canon. I was lazy to mix out the yellow or orange so i replace it with gold color. The enamel wash technique really helps a lot on reducing the masking process.

In terms of posing this kit for photo, this is the process that make me headache. First, i thought the paint will tighten the joints because the joint was too loose but i think the original design is like this. I should say this is the design flaw for the joint even though this kit does came with polycaps. This is the reason why only 20 photos with few poses are made. The worst part is, the articulations for this kit is extremely limited and the oversize shoulders make things even worse. Good thing is this kit come with great proportion and all i need to do is get the right angle for those shots.

Enough for the words, lets check the photos.

I was planning to get other version of this kit but after working on it, i'm really not sure should i go for it. Since the upgrade version of this kit "Altesen Riese" is quite expensive, the plan is still far far away. I think that's all for this kit now. 

So, since i'm doing some small renovation in this blog, i'm here to announce this small renovation as Seven6398 2012 and it will be launch soon.


chrismandesign said...

man, this kit looks great !!! the limitation on pose for me is not a big problem since it looks imposing just standing there, like the bulky armored (sentinel) Gundams... when it comes to destroy the enemies by any means (as in Super Robot Wars) you don’t need delicacy or flexibility, and this is not precisely a grunt unit LOL... now at least i have a reference for mine, nice job there pal =)

seven6398 said...

Chris: i read the review for Alteisen Riese from Z's blog.. that thing look more complicated than this one.. good thing is that version come with waist joint.. good thing for you..

beamknight87 said...

Looking good although I think the thruster should be silver but that's just me.
As for the Riese kit, it is by far a superior model as it got released much later. It does have some quirks but it is a very solid model that looks fantastic.
However, it also suffers from the whole limited articulation thing but that's a inherent flaw of the design of the machine because let's face it, the Alteisen is basically a flying brick lol.

seven6398 said...

Beamknight87: i feel the thruster should be in two tone but i was lazy.. haha.. totally agree with you.. flying brick.. XD..


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