Friday, September 3, 2010

HG Throne Eins complete

just some minor detailing and i need two weeks to complete it?.. yeah.. don't look down on those tiny detail.. it's hard to make it out especially on those small surface.. u can't sand it if you accidentally apply the surfacer or paint too much.. the paint or surfacer become too thick and uneven.. i'm having that problem when i paint the arms.. those white color area on arm.. that make me re-paint the arms few times and i finally give up on that.. leaving the right arm with hand paint result while the left arm air-brush result.. other than that.. re-painting all the joint and some area of the weapons with dark gray and dark purple gray.. some yellow paint on the knee and head unit.. painted the GN Launcher with dark purple on the upper area.. well.. i guess that's all i did on this kit..

so.. these are what i use:

-Mr.Surfacer 500 ( i hate it)
-Mr.Color black, Mr.Color blue gray, Mr.Color white (to mix the purple gray)
-Gaia red, Mr.Color gloss blue, Mr.Color black (to mix the dark purple)
-Mr.Color black, Mr.Color Metallic black steel, Mr.Color white (to mix the dark gray and the end result create rough surface)
-Gaia yellow
-Mr.Color white
-panel line
-foil stikers

well this time.. the color combination is a bit complicated.. it's actually due to most of my paint is running low.. so in order not to waste them.. i decided to mix them up and create some other color..

so.. what about the kit?.. the first thing that i want to talk about is.. this kit DOESN'T COME WITH BEAM PART for it's beam saber.. i don't know which one i can use for it.. so i left this kit with no photo on posing with beam saber.. most of the spare part already mix up in the box when i tidy up my room.. alright.. that was the first issue.. in terms of articulation and proportion of the kit.. well everything is fine here.. most of the part are molded separately but NOT THE ARMS!!! which give me a lot of trouble on masking the curve area before painting.. the default color was great.. the articulation is good.. and this kit can pose pretty well even though there is a large cannon on the back.. posing the cannon/launcher is not that hard too.. yeah.. i know.. the right beam saber and its holder obstructing the movement of the cannon but not that much.. in terms of balancing?.. not a problem.. the feet is large enough.. haha.. that's all for now.. lets check the pics..

it was my old kit.. 1/144 flag regular version..


alright.. that's all for this kit..

next kit?.. will show on the next pose.. forgot to take picture for that.. haha..

the end..


Adam said...

Wow, really great build. Your photoshoot is exceptional

seven6398 said...

Adam: thx.. what happen to your blog..

Blacksun88 said...

very great build ^^

divinelight said...

your photography is great.

like Throne Eins too, but still got no money nor time to build him, because of the upcoming gunplas.


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