Sunday, September 26, 2010

HG Mobile CGUE Xist custom WIP 4

alright.. sorry for the long wait guys.. but the wait is not over yet.. because it's not complete yet.. haha.. too busy with a lot of things recently.. so don't even have time to update this blog or work on this kit.. but i have made a real draft of the work on this kit.. the real draft?..  means some base work or the foundation of this modification.. so.. enjoy the pics..

the next post?.. i hope is the post of getting all the added part done with primer.. now.. searching some material to form some block to improve the connection on each plate armor.. i saw some of the people using resin to re-cast some part.. some using putty.. so.. any recommendation?.. my plan is cutting eraser.. but that sounds funny and impossible..

to be continue..


Ren n Tako! said...

wow.. looking good! sorry cant help cos i have little knowledge on how to mod... but i like the lengthening of parts.. looks fiercer.. ^^


seven6398 said...

RT: thx.. you mean the shoulders?

Q said...

Eraser?! Will they hold up well?? I normally hear putty is the way to go (easy to shape, hardens quickly without too much mess). Modding is not what I've done before, but I wish you luck!

seven6398 said...

Q: haha.. i never hear people using that method too.. i saw some people mix some of the material such as putty or resin before.. but i have no idea how to get it or get it done.. and that material is quite expensive too.. so i try to use stationary way.. haha..


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