Wednesday, September 8, 2010

work for others (gold paint)

it's a long undone job from my friend.. he knew i have the compressor so he ask me to paint his sd sangokuden sun quan that come with additional part.. the job is simple.. only paint the gold color area.. cause he said that the gold gundam marker that he used to paint his sd sangokuden always made him disappointed.. so he gave me those part from that kit that need to be painted.. he gave it to me two month ago.. OMG.. i am so bad.. now only i paint it for him.. so the topic here is not about the kit or those parts but about the paint..

the reason i have delay this job is.. first.. i don't have surfacer that time (run out of money).. second.. not enough gold paint (run out of money again).. so.. last month i purposely bought all these stuff for this job.. yet.. weather and timing was not right.. so.. back to the topic.. have you guys try out the gold paint from Mr.color?.. i'm not trying to say anything bad about this gold paint but i'm just don't like to handle the gold paint.. alright.. let me explain a bit about the gold paint from Mr.Color (not can spray type).. the paint was actually using some kind of gold powder (very very fine type) and mix with some kind of liquid (not that thick).. so.. here is the thing.. before start using the gold paint.. you have to re-mix it again with stick or whatever to make sure the powder and the liquid really mix together cause the powder usually stay below (too heavy)..

the next thing about the gold paint is the ratio.. i think i post about it before.. too much of thinner will disperse the the gold powder and can't cover the painted area properly.. like not enough gold powder on that area.. paint thicker than thinner will result airbrush stuck on the nozzle due to the gold powder.. so.. it is so hard to use this type paint.. and different ratio of thinner and the gold paint will have different types of outcome.. look at the picture..

if the ratio is right.. smooth surfaces can be achieve without having the some area unpainted due to not enough of gold color or powder or too much of thinner.. the bad part is not easy to paint as the airbrush can't stay too close to the part and sometime it may need few layer of paint to make it look fine..
thicker gold paint is also another easy way to paint the part with single or double layer paint.. but the problem is.. it may easily stuck the nozzle of the airbrush and make the airbrush release the paint slower.. close distance in between the paint and the airbrush needed.. and this method can't last long as the airbrush will stuck at last.. and the surfaces of the painted area will become a bit rough.. this part always remind me the "tunik" from the "night at the museum" when "ivan the terror" keep on asking why "kahmunrah" wearing a skirt.. haha..

just for your information.. in order solve the problem of airbrush's nozzle stuck.. at least.. use the hobby paint thinner or something stronger (if you plan to stop the painting progress).. never use low grade thinner because it is not strong enough to wear off those paint and the worse part was making the paint become dry..
job done.. will send it to him by tomorrow..

hope he like it..


Z said...

I think that gold looks very good and smooth ^^

seven6398 said...

Z: thx man.. there is only one time that i make the gold looks real fine.. it was the beam rifle from my custom reborn.. it really takes a lot of patience for the mixture..

Jacques said...

I understand your woes when it comes to purchasing paint supplies for airbrushing. I'm thinking of switching to 3M Primer for my surface in the future after my current batch of Gunze Sangyo surfacer finishes. I think I maybe more economical and more value for money.

However, I've yet to find a shop that sells 3M primer local to experiment and I may need to order them overseas should be unable to find one when my supplies finishes.

seven6398 said...

Jacques: 3M primer.. spray can type?


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