Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Dawn of September

what an tired day.. spend about 4 hours to tidy up the space that i use to keep all the gundam's boxes.. well.. i don't have enough space or time or effort to display all the boxes for photo because the idea of tidy up the boxes was from my mom and she help me a lot so that my room will not look that messy.. and the most important thing is she don't like me to keep all this thing.. so.. better just focus on doing the job right.. so.. this is the second round of tidying the boxes in my room.. first round was almost a year ago if i'm not wrong.. so.. clear all the runners our from the box to.. to??? someone who going to buy from me and recycle it.. cutting those spare parts from different kit and keep in some other boxes ( not separated all the part according to the kit yet).. fit in as many kit as possible into one box and end up using four MG sinanju size boxes and one 1/100 Chaos gundam's box to keep those kit that not display out.. and the other four boxes of MG Aile Strike box size to keep those spare parts..

my poor MG SFFB.. such big boxart and i saw my mom just fold it and put into a big box together with other..
first bag.. for the runners..
and still got this much.. so.. ended up.. look at the last picture..
separating all the manual, kit (sd, HG 1/144, 1/100 and MG), spare parts and some decal.. gosh.. so much of it.. and i finally found my old HG 1/144 wing zero custom.. i remember i paint it with blue and black Artline marker when i was in secondary school.. haha.. look so bad now
"hatch open".. haha.. this was the place i keep all the gunpla boxes.. looks like the hatch from battle ship that use to launch gundam right.. haha.. there are another six more MG hiding in that "mitsubishi electrice boxes".. other already launch..

and this is the last picture which regard to the runners and the story of the runners not end here.. one large black garbage bad is still not enough and i have to add another.. consider small and medium size plastic bag to carry those runners.. damn.. i'm sure there are more than thousand runners here..

and finally.. all this dusty job done.. and i'm so tired of taking picture for the job that has done.. will try to take one and post it out by tomorrow..

my last part of painting for my HG Throne delay was due to this.. hope i can complete the painting part together with the album for this kit soon..

stay tune..

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