Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HG Mobile CGUE Xist custom WIP 2

brain storming... of course.. the first two pictures.. is impossible for me to create.. my skill is still limited for the moment.. but the idea for these monsters are great.. i never know the commander unit (white color version) will have the same treatment too..

the only thing i can copy now is the gatling shield.. i mean the single gatling shield.. others?.. still have to study in detail.. the worse part of the first two picture is i can't get the view for the backpack..

so.. enough for the picture now.. back to the real thing.. from the study of two pictures above.. well.. i have made a summary..

-first.. all the original part remain
-additional armor added on the chest, arms, shoulders, side skirts, legs, and backpack.. almost everywhere
-most complicated modification will fall to the back pack..

so.. this is what i'm going to do..

first.. go on to the color scheme.. i have choosen.. black again.. as the base color.. second will be orange (for most of the line that will scrib out later).. joint will be in gray color.. some smaller part like the thruster or inner part will stay as gray too..

for all the additional part of armor will go on with pla-plate.. i don't know how to use putty.. so.. some of the part might replace by other material.. my reference for that.. eraser maybe.. haha..

first step.. draw and cut on for the pla-plate and surfacer will be apply all over the kit.. line scribing next.. might adding additional weapon..

sound ambitious right..

these are the picture that show the part that will be modify.. hope i can do it..
been busy with my assignment and final coming in soon.. and the next thing will be.. HOLIDAY!!!.. hurray.. hopefully i can complete this before holiday and do something big after that.. 



David John Shewsbury said...

Look forward to see the end result...

Ren n Tako! said...

wah.. sounds like a big project! i like how you always tackle kits that are not mainstream.. cant wait for the final product! =D

seven6398 said...

Shewbury: i will try to finish it asap

Ren n Tako: hehe.. thx..

Q said...

Sounds ambitious! Not much modifying needed so it's probably just additional parts to add on as you said. I've never used pla plates before so I am curious to see how you do it!


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