Thursday, September 2, 2010

the end result

and the result is.. Ta Da!!! .. it's done.. all done..

i use to have a 3 level shelf position in vertical way here and i have remove it..
the hatch?.. gone.. all the box still remain but most of the gunpla boxes have folded and keep in the lower left box and the one next to it..
so.. got my desk clean up..
Ta Da!!!..
some of the kit of my desk got remove.. to make it look tidier..
and those kit was sent to a new home.. which is the 3 level shelf i'm talking on the first pic.. i move it next to my desk.. as you can see.. not much space left.. i'm going to use this to keep all the HG 1/144 project in the future.. will have to get another bigger space for 1/100 scale project..
and this thing.. well.. all the minor painting done.. but got no time to take photo for it.. need to do it soon.. 

Stay tune.. 


Anonymous said...

Gunplas, gunplas everywhere...

Wow. Your place looks more tidier than before. But... *ahem* How long would it last before it restores to its' "Default" configuration?

Mine, it only lasted a week... orz

seven6398 said...

bd77: haha.. good question.. mine is almost same as yours.. about a week.. the longest is a month.. won't longer than that... and the "default" can last for at least 3 to six month.. XD


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