Wednesday, September 29, 2010


the perfect tools will not always the tools from the same field.. haha..

went to stationary shop yesterday.. got some tools.. well.. its not for my study.. haha..
the best alternative tools for hobby will not always from the hardware tools.. sometimes stationary tools can help too..

so.. this is what i get

- graph paper
-compass( don't know what it called)

i forgot to take the picture of the new normal knife and ruler..

why graph paper and how is it help?

my free hand drawing's skill is totally sucks.. so every time i have to use ruler draw some line vertically and horizontally to create boxes.. then only sketch the part out.. this method is also more easy to re-cut the same parts out.. but it take a lot of time to measure and draw the line.. so i choose to use graph paper with ready boxer in right measurement.. draw it from there, cut the shape out and re-draw the shape into pla-plate.. more faster..
compass.. why need compass? to draw something in curve?.. maybe.. but the most important thing is the sharp "torn" that can use to sribe line easier..
erasers.. erm.. not that recommend to replace those epoxy putty.. i have try to cut it but its not easy..guess i'm really need to buy those epoxy putty..
i don't know what this call also.. i Mr.Nk use it a lot.. to hold the part for painting.. so i plan to get some..

that's all for the tools..

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