Saturday, September 5, 2009

Canon DSLR EOS 20D 2nd hand lowest market price

just got my called from my friend that he want to sell his Canon DSLR 20D.. it is an 4 years old camera.. his friend also want to sell too.. so i've been asked for help to sell two unit of Canon DSLR 20D because they're saving money for the Canon DSLR EOS 5D MK2..

so here is the offer i've been told.. the market price for a 2nd hand Canon DSLR 20D was RM 1800 something.. they told me to sell at RM 1500 full set.. will list the content later.. whoever want to buy before October will get 10 percent discount which is RM150 and a new SLR bag..

here is the content:

Camera body
EFS 18-55 kit lens
BP-511 battery
USB cable and TV output cable

so.. for those who interested on it can contact me either my phone number 017-3872533 or my email at

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