Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MG Exia

finally.. final stage.. the toughest stage also.. uploading 67 photos.. 5 photos each time and sometimes it take longer time to upload at peak hour.. ergh..

screw up a lot of decal.. and it still got plenty of extra decal..

talking about the photography part.. took me two days.. at first. no feel, inspiration or idea of what pose or angle to create even after re-watching few episode back.. the joint was s o loose and keep on falling down it self.. the hip joint keep on on falling down with the GN blade also.. really mad at this and almost one to step on the kit (not doing it because it expensive, haha).. the GN Sword was another problem.. anytime i want to switch the mode of GN sword to rifle mode, the holder keep on coming out from the palm clip.. zzz.. after knowing all that problem.. second day was a lot better on preventing all those problem and taking the shots was a lot smooth after warming up from first day.. decide to create some pose from last episode and my own fighting scene..

so.. free to comment and enjoy the pictures..

for the WIP post can refer to hear:

MG exia : weapon unit

MG exia : GN drive WIP

MG exia : waist unit

MG exia : feet and leg unit

MG exia : arm unit

MG exia : head unit

MG exia : chest or body unit

MG exia : runners and parts

MG exia : box art

the end..

1 comment:

Michael said...

why the f you put the bandai decal on exia? kinda like spoiling the whole gundam universe man...


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