Thursday, September 10, 2009

present for my birthday

damn.. i was so happy and feel so exited yesterday.. and surprise too.. my friend from the canon team celebrate ah hung birthday and mine together.. and i didn't expect they bought this.. the MG crossbone full cloth version.. i was like.. OMG.. i love you guys so much..

bought lr44 myself for my MG exia too..


Mike said...

MG exia uses LR41...! not LR44!
and he needs 4 of them!!

btw, happy birthday :P

seven6398 said...

mike: shit.. i bought the wrong one.. damn.. haven't try it yet.. hope it can fit

Mike said...

i doubt it can fit... LR44 is for digimon! haha. back to the good old days...

seven6398 said...

mike: oh ya.. i remember that.. haha


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