Monday, September 14, 2009

some interesting part for PG astray

currently planning to get an PG kit but not sure which one should i go.. quite interested on the new PG oo raiser that coming soon but it cost a LOT!!!.. just see how much can i save until november..

alright.. get back to the story of this post.. not sure this news have post anywhere before i remember NK do mention something about this before.. actually it is the Dengeki Hong Kong or Taiwan version i think.. mm.. i'm just want to share the topic here..

so.. this is the PG astray with flight pack..

some detail image about it..

mm.. guess it gonna be a new package for PG astray soon.. like what Bandai did on PG Strike Rouge..


Q said...

The Chinese version is published by Taiwan and is distributed primarily to Taiwan and Hong Kong. Due to the popularity with the Chinese-spoken population it's liscensed to be published in another language. Why is it that Chinese content = Pirate? Don't like to say this, but the prejudice is getting common these days.

The Astray's Flight Pack is custom made by a modeller. Now and then there's a showpiece like that to show how a gunpla can be modified or made from scratch etc.

seven6398 said...

Q: oops.. i'm not mean it is a pirate version.. because i'm not sure.. and i bought it for RM 11 only.. so i thought it should not be that cheap unless for some reason.. don't know about the sources of the book at all actually.. sorry about that.. will edit it..

i can't read chinese or japanese.. i'm bought it for the picture since it so cheap.. haha.. so i can't understand the content at all.. haha..

Q said...

Chinese versions are cheaper as publications from Taiwan are much cheaper. On top of that there's a huge publication industry in Taiwan, as well as many localised branches of the Japanese publishers (e.g. Kadokawa). Buying the Chinese versions can be much more preferable than the original Japanese versions, be it CDs, artbooks, or magazines.


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