Monday, September 7, 2009

Sd sangokuden Zhuge Kong Ming

my latest Sd Sangokuden kit build during i stay in hospital.. just got it paint yesterday.. another big kit for my sd sangokuden series after emperor ryubi.. but i find this a lot nicer than emperor ryubi no matter in its proportion or design..
color to use in was abro 18k premium gold and silver, gold gundam marker and black panel line marker.. can't believe that the only HWS part comes together was for the stand only.. damn.. choose not to use gundam marker much only for small tiny surface due to gold gundam marker just can't last long..

got two of my colleagues also close friend that sometimes tease me for this hobby get into this hobby after buying this sd sangokuden series.. now their addiction growing even faster than me.. haha.. got any of your friend got drag in


Asian1skill said...

damn looks nice i never knew that u could take ooff the intial amor to make it into a dragon. anyways this is probably the only sd kit i would ever get since its like a 2 in 1 deal with nu and hi nu lol andyways looks nice :D

seven6398 said...

asian1skill: yeah yeah yeah.. it got as nice as the emperor ryubi but the price is almost 40 percent cheaper because the emperor ryubi got gold plated part.. anyway.. thx for your comment.. you just got your new blog.. hope to see more of your work soon

Q said...

Ngee Khiong got one too, and it sure looks nice and nifty for a gunpla. Btw really like your gold you've been using there~ ^^

seven6398 said...

Q: really.. didn't notice that NK have it too.. btw.. thx


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