Tuesday, September 29, 2009

kitbash transformer figure

OMG.. just got this from my mail subscribed from Dannychoo.com .. these was post on figure.fm too.. and all the works is from here www.crefigz.com.. and guess what.. the guy who did all these was from Malaysia.. again.. OMG.. his works is awesome.. unbelievable..


chubbybots said...

I also saw his works on figure fm...really impressive. Seeing his works just make you want to start painting right away lol.

Anyway you can check this other guy's optimus prime, and he is also a fellow malaysian ^^


seven6398 said...

chybbybots: i visit that site before.. he is the best modeler in Malaysia.. someone told me that before.. can't believe he also fall into transformer stuff.. my friend told me that he even can hand scratch gundam head..


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