Friday, September 18, 2009

MG Strike Freedom and Destiny modification WIP 1

hajimemasda.. (thats mean "start" right).. making both kit back into pieces and even cut some of the part into two pieces.. taking out the part took me less than an hour.. cutting the part take me few days and cleaning those cutting marks take me few days also.. forgot to take a picture of pre-complete of the whole kit using the MG destiny body but now have change to using MG Strike Freedom body.. just figure it out how to connect Destiny back pack to Strike Freedom body..

the main parts that i will use for the body, waist, legs and arms.. have no idea what to do on arms yet.. thats why still leave it in one piece.. maybe will just change some color scheme of the arms..

backpack still remain same.. tried figure it out to combine both of it.. but not success yet.. have to try cut and fit.. hope it won't fail..

the part that will go to store.. haha.. means most of the part here will not use..

still waiting for my money to get some paint so it can inspire me for the next step.. yosh!!! orewa ganbateh mas..

to be continue..


Tsukinari said...

ganbatte!!!! nice idea u got there.. :P

I just got my airbrush.. soon going to start my Cherudim kitbash project hehehe... wish me luck lol

seven6398 said...

tsukinari: wow wow wow.. you got your air brush.. how much did you get it.. i'm thinking of getting one too.. of course.. good luck dude..

anyway.. thx..

Tsukinari said...

lol sorry late reply.. bz preparing for Raya.. lol

well.. i bought it from RM250 complete set

Air Brush 0.3mm including
- Tiny Compressor (me think sufficient for gunpla painting)
- 6 Gaianotes Paints (Flat,White,Black,Blue,Red and Yellow)
- 3 emply glass bottle
- Surfacer 1200
- Lacquer Thinner (110ml)
- Masking Tape
- 10 pcs crocodile stick

for all those, I think worth for trying.. its not hurt to try right?

Ive tried the compressor, painting a bit with my HG oo Raiser DC, pretty good, the Air Brush is okay.. compressor too nice, the air pressure is acceptable. I kinda statisfied.. check out the site ^^

nah u welcome.. :D

seven6398 said...

tsukinari: dude.. it is so cheap!!!.. RM 250 for the whole set.. shit.. i'm going to get it next month.. if i can't get it can you help me? can you give me the direct link to the airbrush? it even have compressor.. OMG.. pls.. help me..

Tsukinari said...


the airbrush set image

here the catalog site for the airbrush

go to the forum and make order here

the seller dont keep the stock around though.. u need to pre-order from him.. he'll make the arrangement/order.. I wait like 1 month to get the airbrush.. due the china brand (airbrush and compressor) stock arrive late than japan one (paints)

good luck.. just tell me if u need something, ill help out ^^


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