Monday, September 14, 2009

my first attempt EDITED

look at this three kit.. it will become two and soon become one.. why? soon i'm going to try something else with the MG destiny and MG strike freedom.. as the MG freedom will sell off.. both MG destiny and MG strike freedom was the normal version.. of course i'm not going to crush my MG strike freedom full burst and MG destiny extreme blast.. and the MG freedom was the first MG which i bought almost 3 years ago and having a lot of spoil decal.. another new MG freedom was in the shelf nicely.. and of course i won't crush the new (2nd) MG freedom too..

Strike freedom and destiny still in experimental progress.. around 28% percent complete.. haha..


Michael said...

selling how much?

seven6398 said...

michae: RM 70.. actually someone already want it.. but if you interested on it?.. maybe i see what i can do..


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