Monday, August 16, 2010

August loots

well.. spend not much this month.. focus more on paint rather than spending on kit since i still have lot of kit to complete.. but still can't hold my hand to get this tank.. it was only RM18.90.. and the original price was RM 25.. the detail was quite nice..

so.. what others?

-Mr.Color primary black
-Mr.Color Cobalt blue x 2
-Mr.Color white
-Mr.Surfacer 500

can't find the Mr.Surfacer 1000 from the same shop.. and other was selling at RM30 while the usual price i bought was RM15.. so.. get the Mr.Surfacer 500 first.. but not that recommended from me.. i tried it this few days..
RM36 for this.. 400 ml.. guess i don't have to keep on reload on thinner.. save my travel cost.. haha

second part coming soon..


Tsukinari said...

Nice loot! now going tanks eh.. good luck..

hm.. IMO Mr color paint is a bit expensive than Gaia notes... also its only 10ml (i think) where Gaianotes is 15ml.. correct if im wrong... not remember it correctly (just woke up) lol

bout the thinner.. true.. buy bigger one so no need to buy more :D

btw... just asking, when u cleaning the airbrush, do you use that thinner? coz I use industrial thinner to clean the airbrush... more cheaper and easier to clean since the thinner is more strong than the paint thinner :D

seven6398 said...

tsuki: actually i do find gaia paint is more cheaper but i can't find it in KL.. i only can get it when i go Sunway which is quite far for me.. and one bad thing about those Mr.Color is some paint are too watery before mixing with thinner which can finish quite fast..

about the airbrush.. i use the same industry thinner to clean it.. one bottle about RM3.. better use the stronger type because i bought one at RM5 with higher quantity but weaker.. it somehow can't clean the airbrush and make those paint at the airbrush become very sticky and hard to clean..


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