Saturday, August 21, 2010

HG Murasame Custom (from Murasame AW custom)

Ta da!!!.. just kidding.. it was my last year Christmas present actually.. i fill it in with coin.. and the weight now have grow to 3 KG which was less than 100 g when it's empty.. haha..

so.. get back to the story.. no planning to create any special name for this kit.. just a normal HG Murasame that painted in Blue Frame color scheme and a little bit of customization.. here is the result of impatient work.. i try to finish it in one week but end up roughly use about 10 days to customize and paint the whole thing.. too much assignment coming in.. work always delay.. and the end result was.. somehow i'm not that satisfy on it.. confession time.. haha.. lots of rough surface (may due to the surfacer 500).. some nub marks not clean properly.. seamlines are every where!!! (afraid of use glue after painting to remove the seam lines cause the glue with smear off the paint).. it happen before when i paint my MG Mk 2.. some decal are spoil.. and those thick panel line.. argh.. got out of the line till i need to use gundam marker to correct it.. and the worse part will be on the cutting edge of those pla-plating.. the cuts are not sanded properly.. and i got a lot of unpainted area on the legs.. haha.. OMG.. i spoil this kit.. regret.. i should have done better for this kit.. alright.. enough for all the flaw i done..

speaking about this kit.. as what i look from the box art.. this is an awesome grunt unit with Zeta platform.. but the real thing.. i mean after got it assembled out.. not that awesome anymore.. first will go on to the design of the real thing.. the V-fin is shorter than what it show in the boxart.. again.. the arm is not thin enough.. and the MS mode look not really as dynamic as in the boxart.. so.. the articulation.. not much complain except the pelvis joint can't expand much.. as a conclusion.. its still a great kit during Seed Destiny generation but of course it still lose compare to the latest HGUC and those HG OO series in terms of accuracy on design and articulation..

what have i done to this kit.. alright .. the summary of my work on this kit comes here..

-added pla-plate on shoulder
-added pla-plate on V-fin
-added panel line on waist armor (front and side)
-Mr.Surfacer as the foundation for paint
-Mr.Color Cobalt blue used
-Mr.Color White used
-Mr.Color Metallic Black steel use
-Mr.Color Gold used
-Seed series Decal and MG Strike Freedom Decal used
-0.4 gundam marker for panel line
-masking tape of course
-some gundam marker use for correction

the list kind of long right.. haha.. because this time i'm adding some stuff not new but something better than previous kit.. it is my second time on using pla-plate.. and the also second time on adding panel line.. the biggest improvement that i felt was on the panel line.. this time i put on the surfacer before i scribe the line out.. haha.. massive masking tape used.. that's all for now.. lets enjoy the pics..

my favorite picture on this kit..

so.. before i end the post.. some i think i should add here.. this a great kit that have a lot of potential for modification.. hope i can build a squadron for it and.. the next kit i'm going to work on..

the bad guy.. back to new HG series.. look at the articulation.. it's crazy..

stay tune..


Tsukinari said...

nice job! you did it fast unlike me ^^;;

I like the scheme color.. blue is nice~

ooooo next is throne eh.. XD

chrismandesign said...

i haven’t seen this kit before, but its likeness with Zeta makes it feels familiar to me... u always mention the flaws but i can’t see them LOL... really nice work there Seven, congrats !!! oh & ur piggy money-keeper is kinda too cute, i like it a bit more that the kit itself hahahahahahahaha... kidding (or myb not ???)

seven6398 said...

tsuki: thx.. maybe u busy wit other thing.. haha

Chris: thx.. it appeared in seed destiny.. Orb's MS.. can be said a successor of astray.. haha.. thx for the piggy too..

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

what a great finish there..really like the way on how the colors goes with each other. and the platings give a fiercer appearance there~ keep it up!

Q said...

Nice stuff there! Murasame is an MS I really like from Destiny, and I used it a lot back in Gundam Seed Destiny Rengou vs Zaft II Plus days. Was tempted to buy gunpla of them, but didn't like the heavy part-swapping nature of the kit (hence the reason why I didn't get a ReZEL either). The colour scheme reminds me of Ootsukigata, a variant from Murasame from Destiny MSV :o

seven6398 said...

Zd: thx..

Q: haha.. i'm still playing the one of old seed versus version.. it doesn't come all the latest seed destiny MS.. too bad this kit doesn't come with any other scale or grade except in HG line.. mm.. thx for the link.. i can't find much of the murasame customization..


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