Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HG Murasame Andorew Waldfeld Custom WIP 2

it seems like the color scheme had change the name of this gundam from murasame Andorew Waldfeld custom to murasame Gai Murakamo custom.. haha..

alright.. after the part one of the pre-assembling which i made few months ago.. time for the part two.. well.. the part two will go on some minor customization.. adding some pla-plating on the shoulder and the V-fin.. which show in the first and the second pic..

bad masking skill.. i mean the shield.. i try to paint the edge of the shield but it seems like my masking tape skill not that good.. end up the paint over the area that i don't want to paint.. same as the cockpit in the second pic..

alright.. that's all for now..

to be continue


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

gotta like the way on how you refine the V-fin and the shoulders! keep it up!

seven6398 said...

Zd: thx.. more coming up soon..


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