Saturday, August 28, 2010

Long way to go (wishlist)

Long way to go..

 it've been a while i'm not active in 1/100 or MG series.. well.. i'm still remember that when i first get into gunpla.. i always thinking why should i go for those 1/144 HG.. a lot of work such as painting, detailing and masking needed.. 1/100 or MG doesn't need that much if just go for straight build.. but what i'm realizing is that most of the model kit will always available in HG 1/144 first and sometimes the the proportion and the articulation for those model kit in this scale is actually better than in MG or 1/100.. so.. and the price are quite attractive.. and now.. since i can paint those model kit myself and painting those HG 1/144 is much more simple then painting on 1/100 or MG kit.. i'm suddenly addicted to it.. as a result.. i have a lot of undone HG 1/144 kit now.. and i'm slowing down on MG and stop for 1/100 kit.. reason for stop owning 1/100 kit?.. i will explain it in other post..

damn.. now the news of releasing new kit is damn fast.. well.. i think that's the way of Bandai making money.. telling when they will releasing certain kit so you can plan and save money to purchase them.. good news or bad news?.. haha.. depend on you.. 

So.. it is time for me to catch up back with MG.. there are so much of MG in my list now.. that's why i cant stop saving ammunition to shoot down one by one.. roughly about 7 MG.. guess i'm going to put that in calendar.. each month shoot one down and i will end up own them all by next chinese new year.. haha.. and those money from red packet can save for next PG.. wuahaha.. sounds like perfect plan right.. 

this pic is from Z.. picture of his MG Hyakushiki.. this kit was on my plan for creating the Double Zeta MS team.. i already got the MG Zeta Ver.2, MG Mk2 A.E.U.G Ver.2, MG Double Zeta (not build yet) and this will be the last kit that i need.. may get this by September or October.. 

well.. i didn't finish the whole Wing series but i will definitely not going to miss the MG kit from this series.. Wing was my favorite toys (XD) in my childhood.. it actually not toys but a Sd kit.. i knew them before Seed or Destiny which are my favorite.. i was planning to collect full set of 1/100 kit of this series before.. but owning two MG Wing.. and so disappointed by the 1/100 kit from seed series.. i'm rather wait for MG.. and seems my dream come true..  this will schedule on November.. 
which even the deathscythe is going to release in MG too.. eventhough it is not the Endless Waltz version but i'm still like it.. and the possibility on other kit in this series that may going to release in MG in pretty close.. as this kit is going to release soon but still it will take some time to reach Malaysia for good price.. guess i will only get this on December.. 

like usual.. won't miss on any MG from Seed series.. got my MG Astray BF.. so.. have to get this too.. but not that fast.. if there is green light from my wallet.. most probably will get it somewhere around December or January..

the Zeta and Unicorn can't wait for their new partner.. hopefully can get this on February.. and hopefully the currency can give me advantage on the price.. haha..
this is another kit that always in my dream.. but the price is just too high for me.. RM230.. i got no problem with it last time when i bought my MG Strike Freedom Full Burst and MG Destiny Extreme Blast in this price.. but the problem is.. i seldom work now.. can't afford much on such MG that cost more than RM2++.. 

at last.. it is another dream.. huge one.. and have no idea how to save ammu on it.. everyone still guessing how much will it cost and most of them predict that it will cost something around RM1+++ like the PG OO raiser.. well.. no matter how much was it.. i will wait until the price of this big ass go down.. like the PG OO raiser which cost about RM 1000 and now only sell for RM799.. so.. planning on getting this kit.. haha.. the date will TBA.. i have save my money for few month to get this.. 
so.. the reason why i mention that i may get the MG Hyakushiki by September or October?.. simple.. because i'm going to get this on MG Zeta Plus C1 first.. but i'm afraid i can't find it in good price.. so.. maybe will get this or MG Hyakushiki by next month.. 

just MG.. the list is this long.. and each month i only able to get one kit.. my list for HG line and MF (Macross Frontier) is not list out yet.. and most of the MF series now got their price drop by 10% to 20%.. damn.. quite attractive man.. those MF super messiah cost roughly bout RM 200 which it normally cost bout RM 250 and above.. but my next plan on MF will be the VF-25S Armor Messiah.. hopefully i can get it by next year January.. PG line?. i think of PG Astray RF before.. mm.. maybe next year too.. haha..

gosh.. this post is a dream.. my dream.. guess this can tell what should my friend buy for my coming birthday.. XD.. 


chrismandesign said...

there r 2 coincidences here with my wishlist: the Gundam RX-93 V2 Hi-V & the Zeta Plus C1... till a get a new job, those will b in my wildest dreams & only there... but who knows what GOD has for me ??? =D

seven6398 said...

Chris: good luck on your job.. hope we can get those kit as soon as possible..

David John Shewsbury said...

What make us human different from the Alien and Predators is that we can build our future based on our dream..... dream is inspiration and it is important....


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