Friday, August 13, 2010

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah Complete!!!

i have enough for it.. actually i had done not enough of it but too much problem.. stuck all my other works.. i have to end this work.. well.. it's not i mean i simply end it.. the only part that i fail to is on the decal parts.. got most of it not in the right position.. part of that is the silver chrome paint that i applied without surfacer for the foundation.. most of the silver chrome paint drop off to other place.. make it look like scratch.. other than that.. other should be ok..

so.. here it the summary of the work that..

no modification.. except broke some parts..
paint that use..

-Mr.Surfacer 1000
-Mr.Color Silver Chrome
-Mr.Color Gold
-Mr.Color Dark Grey
-Mr.Color Blue Glossy
-Mr.Color Black Steel
-Gaia Black
-panel line

that's all..

well.. in terms of the kit.. what can i said is.. lots of part needed for different mode.. i didn't take pictures on the gerwalk mode because i had enough scratches from the silver chrome paint everytime i do the transformation.. so.. first.. talk about the battroid mode.. due to the leg and the backpack too heavy.. it can't stand without extra part on the stand to support it.. even in other mode.. it can't post well too due to the transformation.. limited movement on the waist.. the heavy armor legs also another problem.. other was fine.. the great thing about this kit is the amount of detail on the design and structure.. most of the parts are not required to paint actually.. most of it molded separately and those that not.. the foil stickers can use to cover it nicely but i choose not too.. now i know why people hate those stickers a lot.. the main body or the chest was the cockpit or the front part of the jet.. the back was the wing and the head unit is in between.. inner frame available for both arms and legs.. lots of detail on the gatling guns too..

well.. like i said.. it can't post much..

the missile pod is the hardest part to be paint if plan on doing the exact same color from the manual.. so.. i leave it and only draw some line..
talking about the jet mode..the landing gear is the part that i paint without using the surfacer as the foundation.. paint keep on drop off.. well.. nothing much to say about this mode.. just.. fly.. speed.. and land.. haha..

i didn't push the frame for the feet back.. because i broke some of the part..

taking off..


well.. that's all for this kit.. kit that coming up.. HG Murasame with custom color scheme..

The end..


Anonymous said...

Ah well, nice try. I'm sure your painting skills will improve as you build some more. The plane mode is definitely the best.

seven6398 said...

emcreation: thx man.. yours was nice.. inpired me a lot.. tend to copy those shining red but still lack of skill of using clear color.. agree.. the plane mode is awesome.. show most of the detail out..

chrismandesign said...

this kit looks shocking man !!! i wanted to grab one of these but as i run out of money & buy a lot of other kits, i leave it for distant future... indeed is great in detail, many, many parts involved, what a pity that its heavyness makes it a torture for the assembling & transformation process (i guess is the same problem with the MSA-0011 Ex-S Gundam)... anyway, if i would ever get this guy, i’m pretty sure i will not paint him at all, only panel lines, that’s all...

seven6398 said...

Chris: actually you don't have to paint it at all if you going to get this kit.. those area that need to be paint will come with foil stickers.. btw.. thx..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Very skillful my friend and I really like the chrome and gloss. Something that I can never achieve.

seven6398 said...

Dennis: thx.. no worry.. you can do that.. trust me.. it's not that hard..


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