Saturday, August 28, 2010

HG Throne Eins WIP 2

so.. this is what i do this weekend.. too boring in study.. spend some time to work on this kit.. i'm not going to paint the entire kit.. feel the color a bit complicated to re-create.. but what i'm realize when i study the manual about the color scheme is there are a lot of area need to be paint and no foil stickers to cover it.. and most of it are some tiny area..

those area that needed to be paint are in the red dot circle.. well.. i will pass on those tiny yellow area at the knee... i will try to paint others.. i guess the GN Launcher will be the easiest part to be paint.. other.. er..
these are the head unit, arms and the front part of the waist.. lot of masking tape needed..
haven't start on the leg yet.. going to disassemble it and pick those grey color part out for paint.. 
argh.. never touch on the foil stickers before everything done.. look at the foil sticker for the magazine unit that mount on the left arm.. i apply it nicely before i read the manual.. and i only realize that part need to be paint.. so i peel the foil sticker off.. and end up like this.. ARGH!!!
the GN launcher.. still in one piece.. have disassemble this as well..

so.. that's it for now..

to be continue..

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