Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Obstruction again

well.. that title show how bad i am in study.. called these as obstruction.. haha.. well.. it definitely a obstruction for to continue my gunpla work for now.. but it is the foundation for funding my hobby in future.. haha.. so.. what's coming up.. let me describe it with the pictures..

financial management?.. mid term.. next Monday.. gosh.. still got 6 chaps to go..
Marketing Research.. assignment.. still got long way before the due date but i have to get at least 400 response from the questionnaire which i need to distribute soon.. it going to kill my favorite September.. which a month that i will broke for the whole month due to lot of friend's birthday fall into this month..
last thing that cheer me back.. my latest.. not camera but still a gadgets.. 4 gigabite thumbdrive with build in card reader.. haha..

so.. will try to come back again on this weekend or worse to worse.. next week after my mid term..

stay tune..

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