Thursday, August 5, 2010

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah WIP 9 part 2

alright.. after few day of rest.. my nose getting better.. but still feel not well after painting.. guess the mask may be one of the factor causing it.. i mean the mask that cover my face for painting.. that's all for the update about myself..

back to this kit.. some good news.. some bad news.. so which one first.. alright.. bad news first.. save the best for last.. the bad news was i have run out of surfacer.. so.. the second phase of the painting was paint without surfacer.. i didn't sand much.. so the paint kind like can't stick well to the parts.. painted part of the legs which i show previously.. got some scratch on it..damn.. never mind.. the scratches make it look more real.. that's all for the bad news..

good news start with the picture above.. finally i found the part i lost and this pair can stay back together again.. haha.. second thing was the dark gray that i mixed together with black color.. the end result was quite nice which give some mad surface feeling on it.. better than the shiny plastic armor.. done with most of the panel line.. only left some minor parts like palms and weapons to paint.. and marking plus decal on the kit will apply after that and that will be the final process..

so.. it's about 80% complete for now.. 85% to be exact..

to be continue..

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