Friday, March 4, 2011

HGUC Stark Jegan WIP 2

Not much here.. just want to show some of the additional parts from M.S.G added into this kit.. and i also try to add some pla-plate on some plain area.. i try with the normal cutting way which using knife rather than the scribble which make my place dirty and the cutting area is not precise enough.. knife is a lot better but i need a metal ruler in order for me to cut it precisely.. still not precise enough.. some of the smaller parts of the pla-plate are cut by scissors.. much more faster but not that nice..

alright.. forget about the pills and that stupid 32mb memory cards..

try to make some nice ass here.. haha.. and guess what.. 

i got myself a new HGUC Unicorn (destroy mode).. i was hesitating whether should i buy this or HG Avalanche Exia but i end up with this.. since i feel that what about getting the 1/100 version for the Avalanche Exia or the MG version might pops out.. 
there are many types of color scheme come into my mind.. first was Banshee version.. but i don't know how to create the V-fin.. luckily i found this post from g-tyro that show how to create the Banshee version dragon V-fin.. i also think of other color scheme like the Ana version and also blue unicorn.. but i won't be doing much on this kit soon.. it will be my relax kit..

next up (MG Shenlong and the possibilities of MG Altron soon) 


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

bro, here, browse this thread. i can say it gives more detailed info to mod Unicorn banshee

Tom said...

Well, at least you won't have to make a unicorn mode horn for your HG Banshee.

seven6398 said...

ZD: thx man.. great info there.. i really need some thin pla-plate to do that..

Tom: i don't get what you mean..


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