Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MG Wing WIP 2 (Dull)

since i'm not adding anything to this kit.. and i just re-paint it.. the WIP 2 will be simple.. sorry about the blur picture.. cause i purposely make it BLUR!!!.. XD.. well.. i should called it my sneak peak..

just got the paint process done.. and the next thing will be applying decal, markings and panel line.. just few more steps away from completion.. god bless me so i won't any mistake please.. the detail of the paint work and the kit will be discuss on the next post.. but in this post.. i actually have something to share about the paint.. even this blur picture not showing anything in detail but i think you can see the color right.. most of the colors i apply on this kit can be said dull type (as stated in the title).. but what i realize the color that should not go dull was completely dull.. i mean the gold color.. the gold paint that i use was from Mr.metal gold which i use it before.. and this time.. the same color but different bottle (of course).. comes with different color.. the gold is more darker (dull) and not like the normal Mr.Metal color which is easily come off after the paint applied.. i feel like the paint has been added with clear coat i think.. which the clear coat normally seal off the paint from falling off (in powder form for Mr.Metal color) and will make the color become dull a bit (especially gold color, will transform into bronze).. i was wondering did i bought the wrong paint?.. i think i have double check the paint again.. but the end result of this gold really match the overall of this color scheme.. so.. i have no complain here.. but for other kit.. still have to check out first.. i will try to show the comparison of the previous gold color and this soon..  


Anonymous said...

Wow very fast from one project to another... nice man!!!

seven6398 said...

anonymous: rushing it a bit.. before i'm really busy with my assignments.. hopefully i can get it done by this weekend..


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