Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1/144 Alteisen WIP 2

alright.. moving to pre-assemble process now.. the process that i can see the finish product..

interesting.. small in size.. lot of detail.. most of the parts are molded separately.. most important.. no foil sticker needed.. most of the tiny area are painted except for the legs.. it still in the pre-assemble process.. i can't test out the articulation yet cause most of the parts will fall off if i try to move it (i haven't connect all the parts properly yet).. but this kit will definitely able to give out a dynamic look.. even just from the standing pose..

but again.. flaws.. some of the parts can be quite loose even after i assemble the parts properly.. the part that i refer is the lower leg armor in the front.. hope the paint can help.. the second problem is the joint in between most of the parts.. the male side of the joint is thicker than the female side of the joint.. the good thing is the parts won't be easily separate from each other.. but the bad thing is it quite hard to connect those parts.. i'm not sure is it i'm too sensitive or it just normal.. i feel the plastic material that use by this kit is slightly different from Bandai Gundam Model kit.. not saying the quality is good or bad.. but i can feel the tendency of this plastic material used in this kit is higher and being pull strongly.. the parts also have thinner plastic.. it means that if i try to bend it.. it will break instantly but it is not easy to bend it or break it.. other than that.. i will write more under the pictures..

i like this design a lot.. like the normal revolver gun.. wanna play some Russian Roulette?. XD..

while i try to slot in the white armor.. one of the thruster keep on pops out.. that is what i mean on the plastic material..

this can be one problem for posing.. the ball joints are too short.. the tight can't move much and will easily fall off..

the left cannon is actually blocking the fist from the left hand.. is this a flaw too?
overall.. this kit is quite good.. i think there won't be much problem after i finish the entire project of this kit.. what do i plan for it?.. will show on the next WIP of this kit.. and as mentioned from the previous post..
this will be next project.. second WIP coming soon..

Stay tune..


chrismandesign said...

that Wing Gundam is a HG, right ???... as for the kit itself, well now a i hav a better idea how it would look after assembling... BTW i was right, mine is a bit different to urs since is an Alteisen Riese, i guess that is the "progressive" version u mentioned, also the box is bigger but the overall look is similar... oh, & did u publish that other Koto kit u told u hav ???

seven6398 said...

Chris: oh.. Alteisen Riese.. that is an upgraded custom version right.. more stuff add in.. other koto kit?.. i think i got mention before.. should be the arx-7 arbalest injection kit from kotobukiya.. btw.. that wing is the MG TV version..

NAZREE said...

oh my...love this kit..the shoulder of this kit were awesome.how much you buy this kit?
plus, the details u mentioned are superb since this kit is as size as HG gundam + no sticker.that one is good!

Tom said...

Wow, it makes 1/144 HG look tiny.

seven6398 said...

Nazree: i got it from my friend with some good price i think.. around RM80.. the gundam wing i put beside it is actually MG version which means this kit is as large as HGUC and also smaller scale MG..

seven6398 said...

Tom: it is.. haha..


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