Saturday, March 5, 2011

Second Thought on MG ShenLong to Altron (is Nataku that what i want to mention)

sorry for the confusion of the title and what i told from the previous post for this post.. it is not altron gundam that i want to mention but it is Nataku Gundam.. so the title should be the similarities of the latest MG Shenlong kai and Nataku gundam.. lets look at the picture and i will tell the story below the pictures..

the parts in the red circles are the design similarities i want to point out in between the MG ShenLong and Nataku.. first is the ankle design.. then move on to the knee, waist, chest and shoulder design.. this is significant that the new MG Shenlong kai is design base on Nataku which explain why the design is not look like the TV version Shenlong.. part of that.. just like the MG Deathschyte EW which also used the design of Deathschyte gundam and the Wing EW or Wing ver.ka using the Wing Zero custom design.. this new MG Shenlong is using the same concept but just a little bit different from the Nataku.. MG Deathscythe EW, MG Shenlong EW and MG Wing EW / ver.ka all are using the custom version design from Endless Waltz movie but TV version color scheme.. 

remember what i mentioned in previous post from last few month regarding that the real MG Shenlong TV version might release.. after looking at the design.. i think an MG version of Nataku will be more possible to be release out soon.. maybe end of the year.. just like the MG Deathschyte to MG Deathschyte custom..will my speculation become true?.. we will see..

all images are stolen from GundamGuy.. hehe..

what should i post for next post?.. should be the next WIP of HGUC Stark Jegan..


Gundam Gunso said...

Interesting thoughts on the Nataku. Look forward to your progress on the Stark Jegan XD

Tom said...

You do realize that these Gundam Wing EW kits, aka Version Ka, are really just the Endless Waltz body's with slight changes in the armor.

seven6398 said...

gundamgunso: thx..

Tom: yeah.. i wonder why not Bandai just release the custom version directly.. instead of getting one unit design in between the TV version and the movie version..

MAKO said...

Well, it goes like this. The OVA for Wing Gundam was made with the Katoki custom designs of the ver. 2s of each wing gundam. After the OVA, Katoki re-designed the look of the original ver. 1s from the TV to slightly resemble the customs in the OVA EW. Two different models for each wing gundam. Anyways, I also saw this a while ago when I first heard of the release of Deathscythe EW (katoki) after realizing how identical Wing (katoki) was to Wing Zero.

Blacksun88 said...

obviously, to make more money..

Anonymous said...

@seven6398-ask katoki hajime why..

Anonymous said...

The Wing Master Grades are the redesigns that Katoki did to the originals for them to go more with the custom versions he designed for Endless Waltz, and they are also the suit designs used in New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Glory of the Defeated


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