Monday, March 14, 2011

What i did last weekend..

what an interesting weekend.. aside from the disaster from otaku homeland.. worked at mid valley and saw lot of interesting stuff.. 

first.. my job there was blow job.. er.. wait.. it actually making balloons.. target was 5000 balloons in two day.. i thought everything can be done if my calculation is right.. 3 balloons in one minute.. i can get 5760 balloons in two days.. 8 hours a day.. by two people.. but i miscalculate one thing.. our fingers cant stand from the plastic while tying the balloons to the sticks.. i don't know how to describe it but just.. pain.. slow us down a lot.. so.. at the end.. only 4000 balloons were made..

there are about 600 balloons here.. for the night session.. we need to make 1000 balloons for that session actually but end up 800 balloons only.. ok.. enough for that.. lets talk about what is the interesting stuff from this weekend..

TA DA!!!..there are display box around the center court in mid valley for each floor if i'm not wrong.. and last weekend.. on the ground floor.. one of the display box displayed lot of marvel figure.. batman, x-men, hulk, and lot of things..

different version of spawn..
i think this is one of the character from Ironman 2 from shield.. star by Scarlet Johansson..

they even displayed the warhammer stuff here..

i don't know much about warhammer stuff actually.. but those military stuff are cool.. tiny small figure with lof of detail.. especially those tanks.. and the building or dio.. heard some of the people use it for Gundam dio before..

and lastly.. there is gundam promotion from Metrojaya too.. at the east atrium.. but like usual.. price is expected higher from those toy shop.. even after 20% discount.. the price might still higher than the market price from toy shop.. but seldom see this kind of tiny promotion display out so many model kit.. even the 1/12 scale gundam for unicorn and rx-78 are here.. 

as for the next post.. the picture above will tell you.. 

stay tune..


Tom said...

That's a lot of balloons man. XD

chrismandesign said...

is this the 1st time u publish something bout comic figures ??? specially of Spawn ???... there is often this kind of events there Seven ???

Anonymous said...

Heheh...I've heard some people call the Tau Empire's XV8 Crisis suits from Warhammer 40K "Gundams" before. Just a pity they didn't show off the new Grey Knights (especially the Dreadknights) from the "black box" or the Storm Raven Gunship.

seven6398 said...

Chris: i think i have publish this before if i'm not wrong.. erm.. no.. it just a like promotion box or something.. never see this kind of event occur here.. they normally do in-house game..

Anonymous: er.. don't know much about it.. but hearing the name.. seems it is some kind of big awesome hero right..


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